Duggar Family Sex Advice Attacked By Sharon Osbourne On ‘The Talk’

Duggar family sex advice posted on a blog was savagely scorned by Sharon Osbourne and the cast of The Talk on this week’s CBS show. The talk show divas could barely contain their composure when Osbourne unleashed a torrent of scathing comments to riotous laughter from the audience.

The sex advice under scrutiny was recently posted on the Duggar family blog for six days until it was removed yesterday. The blog entry was actually a repost of marital sex advice mother Michelle Duggar gave to her daughter Jill upon Jill’s marriage to Derick Dillard in 2014. Fortunately, for the sake of history, Google preserved that post in its entirety.

Duggar family blog post from October 6

The Talk episode began with Julie Chen dramatically reading parts of the blog post to her shocked cast members.

The colorful Sharon Osbourne responded with, “This woman has a Game of Thrones, medieval outlook on life.”

Osbourne went on to give her opinion that two parents can’t possibly give 19 kids all of the time each individual child needs and that having that many offspring is irresponsible. The Duggar family used to have a reality TV series on TLC, 19 Kids and Counting, where their parenting methods were exposed to public scrutiny.

“It’s impossible. It’s so irresponsible to do that as a parent. And all they have is this insatiable, sexual appetite. These people are unbelievable because they are wombs in sheep’s clothing. You look at them and you think, ‘Oh, lovely family, sweet, sweet, lovely, she drops a baby every nine months. You know, she just stands there and plop, there’s a kid.”

Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen respond to Sharon Osbourne's comments about the Duggars

But Sharon Osbourne’s most stinging comments were aimed at the sex advice on the Duggar family blog.

“These people are sick, mad. Do you ever get so incensed about somebody’s outlook on life, and she’s preaching to people. I want to hurt her. Physically.

“Did you ever do Chinese burns as a kid? I want to do like this and say, ‘You are insane, woman. You are totally insane. Shut your mouth. Just go away.’

“How dare she put that message out to women? What century is that woman living in? And I’ve got some advice for you, Love: Close your legs.”

Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen respond to Osbourne's comments on The Talk

The cast did discuss a serious situation within the Duggar family when Sara Gilbert posited that Michelle’s outlook on sex might have led to the incestual molestation within the family.

“At the time when her son [Michelle’s son Josh Duggar] was molesting daughters, it just makes me wonder what message was she sending those kids? Is it that women can just be taken when they want?”

None of these savvy women could understand how any modern woman could enjoy a marriage that was not based on equality and marital relations which did not enjoy mutual satisfaction in the bedroom. There was a complete disconnect with the Duggar philosophy of viewing sex for a wife as a “burdensome obligation.”

The parting comment was a one-liner delivered by Sharon Osbourne, giving sex advice aimed at Michelle Duggar. This final jab ignited uproarious laughter.

“I’d get a big needle and stitch that vagina up.”

The Talk cast members respond to sex advice given to Michelle Duggar by Sharon Osbourne

The now infamous Duggar family blog post was seen by many to target Anna Duggar, the estranged wife of adulterous eldest Duggar son Josh Duggar. Anna was in Florida visiting her parents when the blog post was uploaded. She returned yesterday, when the post was mysteriously removed.

This resulted in many forum and Facebook comments condemning the Duggars for placing the blame for Josh’s sexual conduct on his wife for not being submissive to him and satisfying his needs. If that was the intent, then perhaps Michelle Duggar needs to explain how any devout Christian wife can satisfy a husband who has molested minor girls and who chooses to view porn movies depicting lesbian and bisexual relations, let alone a husband who seeks out strip joints and prostitutes.

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