Does Almost Nothing, Which Is What It Was Designed For wants its users to sit back, relax and barely engage with its platform. If Facebook told its users to do nothing for 10 minutes it would lose millions of dollars but has built itself around that very premise.

Touted as a “relaxing therapy website” meant to “disconnect” the masses from their hectic internet filled lives asks users to choose between 2 and 10 minute calming sessions and then choose to hear calming music and a guiding voice, both of which can be turned off at the users discretion.

As the associate editor at I often work 16 hour days and admittedly I typically don’t “disconnect” during that time. With that being said I was skeptical of but gave it a try for review purposes.

The website features calming videos of wheat fill fields, waterfalls, gently crashing waves and other calming atmospheres and along with those images the choice to choose among them. I actually did find the gentle music to be rather relaxing and the backgrounds to be pleasing on the eyes.

Was I rejuvenated and ready to go about my day for another 10 hours? No. However I could definitely see where a writer stuck on a paragraph or a stressed out computer programmer could find solace in a few relaxing minutes involving a website that asked them to do absolutely nothing after making their selection.

You can visit the site at, hopefully it will help you “reset” your rhythm during stressful days, in the least you’ll see some pretty background videos.