Heather Dubrow Slams Vicki Gunvalson: Vicki Caught In Yet Another Lie!

Heather Dubrow has tried to stay neutral in regard to this season’s drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather has said she feels Vicki Gunvalson has believed everything Brooks Ayers has told her, and the other ladies have started thinking that Vicki just might be a victim in his web of lies.

But, when Heather learned that her husband Terry was mentioned in relation to the cancer stories, she drew a line in the sand.

Heather Dubrow revealed that she felt forced into the cancer drama. And she could have a point. Dubrow learned that her husband, Terry, supposedly came to Brooks’ aid after chemotherapy and administered an IV for him to feel better. But, Terry denied doing that. He and Heather set the record straight.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Dubrow is now revealing she is disappointed in Vicki’s actions. Vicki has allegedly been caught lying in regard to the cancer issue. She has not been completely honest about Brooks’ illness, and she has kept all doubts of his story to herself. Heather has learned that Vicki lied to Andy Cohen about the support she receives.

This week, Dubrow sat down with Amy Phillips for an interview.

Vicki Gunvalson

“I’m fond of Vicki. We’ve always had a super-nice relationship. We’re not best friends. We don’t hang out together off season, like I do with the other girls. We’re not close, close like that,” she said, adding, “But if she called me, [I will] always talk to her, whatever.”

The ladies filmed the reunion last Thursday and Heather Dubrow reveals she texted Vicki afterwards. She explained that Vicki was headed to New York and she gave her plenty of support. But, when Gunvalson sat down with Andy Cohen, Vicki told him that none of the ladies had reached out. Heather Dubrow felt betrayed.

“After the reunion we texted each other and then yesterday I realize she’s in New York. I know she’s in a weird place, and whether I agree with what has gone on with her and Brooks or not, you know, as a castmate — and I’ve been friends with for four years — I texted her yesterday and said, ‘Have fun in New York City. Break a leg tonight,'” Heather said, adding, “She wrote me back, ‘Thanks, honey. I was just at Chanel on 5th Avenue thinking of you. Miss you.’ Blah blah blah. And then she goes on Andy and says no one’s reached out to her. And I thought, ‘Well if I was your last hope of having a friend here in this group, that just blew it!'”

RHOC Reunion

Dubrow may have given Vicki plenty of chances to explain herself and to rebuild the trust that was lost. But it sounds like Vicki Gunvalson doesn’t really seem to care about what the other ladies think. She doesn’t think that she has done anything wrong, even though Heather’s husband Terry was one story she told that was false. Clearly, Vicki is alienating herself from the cast by not owning up to anything.

The reunion special, which airs this Monday, was supposed to be a place of forgiveness and closure. But Heather Dubrow texted her co-star after the reunion, and even then Vicki claimed none of the ladies had reached out. Prior to filming the reunion, Heather Dubrow was feeling fine about Vicki Gunvalson.

“I am not nervous at all. I am fast on my feet. I actually sort of enjoy the reunion. It feels like a good wrap up of the year. I am kind of looking forward to it,” Dubrow revealed, according to Radar Online.

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