Newborn With Umbilical Cord And Placenta Attached Dumped In Bin Bag At The Side Of The Road Rescued [Video]

Footage shows the disturbing moment that a newborn baby was found dumped in a black bin bag at the side of the road with the umbilical cord still attached.

Passers-by who noticed the baby in the bin bag gathered around to help save the newborn. The video shows the baby, alive and apparently healthy, lying on the ground, wriggling and moving its arms.

The animated discussion among people who gathered around to help the baby gives an impression of strong feelings the sight generated and questions about who abandoned the baby and why.

A woman in a pink tracksuit puts on a pair of gloves and examines the baby. She approaches the task cautiously, apparently trying to ensure that she does nothing to hurt the tiny and delicate-looking baby lying on its side making movements that indicate it is alive and probably healthy.

After attempting to open up the bag for a better view, the woman begins to rip it apart. Someone passes a rug or blanket and another women squats and spreads it out on the ground.

Newborn Abandoned In Black Bin Bag

The woman in the pink tracksuit rips the bag apart, revealing the baby’s umbilical cord. As she picks up the baby and places it on the blanket, it becomes clear that the black bin bag contains the baby’s placenta.

The woman in pink and her assistant then wrap up the baby carefully in the blanket and take it away, presumably to a hospital or an adoption center.

It is clear from the presence of the umbilical cord and placenta contained in the black bin bag that the baby was abandoned immediately after birth.

The footage is believed to have been shot in the Philippines. We can judge from the manner in which the people in the video are lightly clothed that temperatures were not very low. The naked newborn would likely have died before help comes under low-temperature conditions.

Newborn Abandoned
Woman In Pink Tracksuit Helps To Rescue Baby

It was also fortunate that a hungry stray dog, pig, or cat did not find the baby first.

Readers on the Daily Mail expressed horror and disgust at the act of abandoning a newborn.

“It makes me feel sick. i can’t believe in this day and age things like this still happen. These countries need to wake up and make the rich government fund some programs to help these poor people!”

“After seeing my first daughter be born 2 months ago reading this truly makes me feel so emotional. I really hope baby has an amazing life.”

“I’ve never understood why people do this. Leave it at a hospital or on a random door step even! Somewhere it’s got a chance to survive at least!”

Some viewers criticized the people for “taking their time” to rescue the baby.

“I can’t believe they just stand there and take their time before they do anything. Infuriating.”

But a commenter defended the woman in pink who appears to act slowly.

“[She] did the right thing to be very careful and calm as you have no idea if it was injured or something also it was still attached to the cord so again you would need to handle with care which is what the woman did.”

Bin Bag
Newborn Abandoned In Black Bin Bag

Viewers who take note of the methodical approach of the woman in pink tracksuit would guess that she was probably a trained nurse who knew exactly the right thing to doing.

Abandonment of newborn babies is a problem that reflects adverse social, cultural, and economic pressures. The problem is acuter in poorer countries that have poor or non-existent social support and welfare systems.

Child abandonment is endemic in countries such as Malaysia and China.

The Inquisitr reported in August the case of a Chinese baby who survived after being dumped head-first in the toilet by her mother after birth. The baby was dumped inside a lavatory moments after birth in western Beijing.

A photo showing a shaken police officer holding the baby moments after rescue went viral online (see below).

Chinese Newborn Rescued After Being Thrown Head-First Into Toilet

The economic roots of the incidence of child abandonment are exacerbated by self-contradictory cultural and religious attitudes. For instance, traditional religious cultures that stigmatize babies that were born out of wedlock also often block access of young women to reproductive health education, care and services on grounds of religious “morality.”

Child abandonment is treated as a crime in many jurisdictions, but given the self-defeating nature of simply treating the issue as a crime rather than a social problem that needs pragmatic solutions, some jurisdictions in the U.S. have passed safe haven laws that allow unwanted babies to left at designated locations such as hospitals.

[Image: YouTube Screengrab; Beijing Tianqiao Police]