‘Frozen Chook:’ Kiwis Curl Up In New Nude Internet Trend

A new craze has blossomed in New Zealand, dubbed the “Frozen Chook.” People are stripping off, crouching down in frozen chicken position — preferably in a public place — and posting their photos on the Frozen Chook website or Facebook page.

Started in New Zealand in October 2015, Frozen Chook is taking off as the latest funny Internet trend. In case of confusion, “chook” is the Australian/New Zealander nickname for a chicken.

According to the Frozen Chook website, they were inspired by Ryan, a contestant in Big Brother Australia, who stripped off and crouched down like a frozen chicken (photo contains nudity) while trapped in the Big Brother house last year. The owners of the website found this particularly hilarious and decided to make this a trend.

Once a couple of New Zealanders starting posting photos in Frozen Chook mode with the hashtag #frozenchook, the trend took off and according to their website they never expected it to get so big. Now, besides their website, they have an active Facebook page where people can contribute their own photos, posing in the Frozen Chook position, and a Twitter handle, too.

Frozen Chook
Screen capture from Twitter hashtag #frozenchook

While the Facebook page only has 300 “likes” so far, and the Twitter account only has 59 people following at the time of writing, this will probably change pretty quickly.

On their Facebook page, they have uploaded a video of one such contributor crouched naked in the Frozen Chook position as a train passes by. That video can be seen here (warning, there is obviously a little nudity).

While it is not possible to see the reaction of the passengers on that train, there was probably some hilarity, some disgust, and a lot of iPhones in action.

Frozen Chook
Screen capture from Twitter hashtag #frozenchook

While the whole thing started in New Zealand, it is gradually becoming an international phenomenon, and anyone can get involved. You just have to find an original place to do it, strip off, hit the deck in a curled fetal position, with your elbows tucked in like a bird and your bottom nestled against your calves. Then get someone to take your photo and send it in.

According to Frozen Chook, some really original images have been submitted so far taken on deserted roads, in the mountains in New Zealand and in front of Uluru (the iconic Ayers Rock in Australia). One image was taken on a horse, which is apparently their favorite.

Frozen Chook
Screen capture from Twitter hashtag #frozenchook

Going international, they have received images of people in London curled in the Frozen Chook position on subway trains, and in the USA, one brave soul posed in a local baseball stadium in New York.

While the trend may seem a little pointless, and could be a chilly experience as the northern hemisphere heads into winter, Frozen Chook wants to see the new trend spread around the world. They say as long as people do this in a safe environment and are respectful of the general public, it can be a lot of fun.

However, according to IOL, some people are not so impressed. One Facebook member commented, “Even when alive a chook has only a pea-sized brain.”

“That says it all regarding the participants of this new New Zealand craze!”

While all in a good laugh and not intended to be taken too seriously, the Frozen Chook might even take off like the Ice Bucket Challenge, with people hitting the pose and then challenging friends to do the same thing. Over to you world!

[Photo courtesy Pixabay /CC0 in the Public Domain]