Illegal Abortions: Police Find ‘More Than A Dozen’ Bottles Of Fetus Parts In The Back Of Doctor’s Car

Police suspect that Dr. Michael Roth was performing illegal abortions after they discovered “more than a dozen” bottles containing fetus parts in the back of his impounded vehicle following a crash. The strong anesthetic called fentanyl was also found in the backseat of the car. Police have raided the doctors home and office after claims were made that the doctor performs illegal abortions for clients.

The Daily Mail reports that police made a gruesome discovery as they searched Dr. Michael Roth’s vehicle after he was allegedly involved in an accident with a disabled man near his medical practice in West Bloomfield, Michigan, which he subsequently fled. As police impounded his vehicle, they discovered 13 bottles in the trunk which contained “aborted fetus parts.” They also found vials of fentanyl, a strong anesthetic.

According to a Fox 2 report, Roth is suspected of performing illegal abortions on patients by the attorney general and searches were performed at the doctor’s home and medical practice office. Though the doctor is accused of practicing illegal abortions, he is currently not under arrest. However, police continue to look for evidence in his home and offices. Authorities in the case say that Dr. Roth is free to “come and go” as he pleases from the police station. A witness at the police station claims that they overheard Dr. Roth in the police station questioning police as to why his door was kicked in during a police raid.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press reports that the investigation began after the doctor was allegedly involved in an accident involving a disabled man near his doctor’s office. The man claimed that he was hit by Dr. Roth’s vehicle as he walked across the crosswalk. Roth allegedly did not stop and two weeks later police identified the doctor’s car as the one involved in the accident and impounded the vehicle while the investigation was completed.

However, at the request of Roth, the police went to his impounded vehicle to retrieve items for the doctor. What they saw in the vehicle caused them to request a search warrant, which was granted. Upon searching the vehicles back seat and trunk, the police found the 13 vials of alleged fetal tissue along with the powerful fentanyl.

“We took it back to the police department and later, we went back to the vehicle at the request of the individual we’re investigating, to retrieve some items. At that point, that led us to obtain a search warrant to further search. That’s when the bottles and evidence were found in the trunk area of the vehicle.”

Police say that the fentanyl was in an unlabeled container and the attorney general was contacted as licensing issues were involved in the case. Meanwhile, police sent at least one of the tissue samples to the state medical examiner’s office for evaluation. Police claim that the medical examiner determined that the tissue was “remnants of conception,” but noted that none of the tissues present in the vial were visually identifiable as specific body parts.

Currently authorities are allowing Dr. Michael Roth to remain a free man as the investigation continues. They say that no charges have been brought against the doctor at this time, but that the case is ongoing.

What do you think about the doctor driving around with fetal remains in the back of his car? Even if the doctor was not performing illegal abortions, is the fact that he was carrying around unlabeled fentanyl enough for charges to be brought against the doctor?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Brent Stirton]