Brothel Workers Monica Monroe And Ryder Cherry Found Lamar Odom Unconscious In His Room

Lamar Odom remains on life support and unresponsive after he was found unconscious at a legal brothel in Nevada. The first two people to discover the former L.A. Lakers player were sex workers at the ranch, Monica Monroe and Ryder Cherry.

Dennis Hof, the owner of the Love Ranch, said the athlete checked in on Saturday, October 10. Three days later, Monroe and Cherry found him in his suite, unconscious but breathing, and foaming at the mouth.

Monroe and Cherry said they left the NBA star at around 6 a.m. to sleep, but when they checked on him at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Odom had already collapsed. Love Ranch employees immediately called 911 for help. Mitzi John, the office manager, and Richard Hunter, an employee at the brothel, made the calls, saying Odom had cocaine on Saturday and took 10 tablets of Reload, a sex-enhancement supplement, over his three-day stay. Hof insisted there were no illegal drugs found in his room.

“He said he was just trying to get away from people so he could have some time to himself without the pressures of being who he is,” Hof said.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Love Ranch general manager TJ Moore revealed the hoopster has had six private “party sessions” every day with the two blonde sex workers.

Moore said Cherry and Monroe “were back and forth throughout the day about five or six times.”

The athlete came in through a private entrance especially for VIP clients while the staff lined up eight women, including Monroe, Ryder, and Madison Montag, a pre-operative transsexual escort, the Daily Mail reported. Odom reportedly chose Cherry and Monroe from the line-up of eight women, who were all licensed to work legally as call girls.

Who is Monica Monroe? Monroe wrote on her Twitter page, “Legal Courtesan at Dennis Hof’s moonlite bunny ranch.” Merriam-Webster defines “courtesan” as a woman who has sex with rich men for money.

While Monroe is a woman whose patrons are rich, powerful men, Cherry, on the other hand, is the “booker of the month,” as she was the number one escort girl at the Love Ranch for the months of September and October. She has a short bio at the brothel’s website encouraging men, women, and couples to visit Love Ranch while Monroe filled her website profile with pictures.

Cherry and Monroe have yet to comment on the incident. A source told the Daily Mail that the ladies were freaked out.

“They had been partying with him and taking cocaine but he seemed fine. They didn’t leave him alone very long, maybe a few hours,” the insider explained.

Aside from Monroe and Cherry, Odom also asked 52-year-old Moore for some company. Moore said the athlete seemed to be lonely, and he obviously wanted someone to talk to.

She was also the one who gave Odom first aid upon hearing from the girls that he was unconscious. She turned him over to his side and tried to clear his airways.

“It was surprising. I was a little nervous at first but it was clear he just wanted to talk,” Moore revealed. “He’s been hurt a lot, I think he doesn’t know who to trust.”

Moore said at the time that Odom was “mellow, melancholy almost,” and he gave her a kiss on the cheek “like a son would kiss a mother.”

She said the athlete talked about his mother who died when he was young and losing two friends this summer.

“It seemed to hit him, you could see the pain in his face,” Moore said of Odom’s condition at the time.

Moore also said Odom mentioned “someone getting vindictive during his divorce” and added he did not seem happy about how his marriage ended.

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