Lamar Odom Allegedly Requested Time With 52-Year-Old Manager Of Brothel, Kissed Her ‘Like A Son Would Kiss A Mother’

The 52-year-old manager for the Love Ranch, who picked Lamar Odom up from his home and drove him to the brothel, claims that the former NBA player had been “hurt a lot” and seemed as though he didn’t know who to trust. She says that Odom requested “special time” at the ranch with the grandmother which he used just to talk. She also claims Lamar kissed her on the cheek “like a son would kiss a mother.”

The Daily Mail reports more on the tragic story of Lamar Odom at the Nevada brothel. According to 52-year-old TJ Moore, a manager at the Love Ranch and grandmother, the former NBA star was picked up at his home in a company car and driven to the VIP suite of the Love Ranch South, an exclusive area for high-end clients. Once at the ranch, Moore claims that Odom simply wanted to take a brief nap before selecting the girls he would be spending his time with at the brothel.

Lamar Odom

She says that upon entering the room she quickly realized that Odom simply wanted to talk to someone. She says that she listened to Lamar as he discussed his childhood, the death of his mother, and his broken marriage. Moore claims that the pair talked for “quite a while” before Odom kissed her on the cheek “like a son would kiss his mother.” Moore says it seems that the troubled man just wanted someone to talk to as he had no one to trust.

“I was a little nervous at first but it was clear he just wanted to talk. He’s been hurt a lot, I think he doesn’t know who to trust. I was with him for quite a while. He was mellow, melancholy almost. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, like a son would kiss a mother.”

Between party sessions with Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, Lamar would allegedly binge on KFC chicken and T-bone steaks. Police photos taken at the Love Ranch show the VIP suite fridge where Odom was staying. In the fridge are sugar-free Red Bulls, KFC buckets, and a bowl of watermelon.

Monica Monroe

Though Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof originally stated that Lamar Odom was not taking any illegal drugs and was only using herbal Viagra at the brothel, as drugs are not permitted on the premises, new reports claim that the former NBA player had multiple drugs in his system including cocaine and opiates.

TJ Moore

Moore echoes Hof’s sentiments that the girls at the ranch did not know Odom was taking any drugs and that he appeared healthy at noon when food was brought to his room. The woman went on to describe the moment that the two prostitutes called her to the VIP suite after finding Odom unconscious. Moore, a former nurse, says she immediately reverted back to her healthcare days and turned Odom on his side to ensure he didn’t choke on the foam coming from his mouth.

“I used to work in long-term healthcare 30 years ago so some of my training from back then kicked in. First thing you know is to get him onto his side so he didn’t choke then we kept trying to get him to wake up. I kept letting him know him I was back because I knew he was going to want to talk again that day. He was a really great guy. I made a new friend.”

[Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]