Trey Songz Videos Are Not 'Best Friends' To High School Principal

An assistant high school principal has landed herself in hot water for her appearance in a music video starring Trey Songz and rapper J.R. called "Best Friends." In the video, Trey Songz and J.R. didn't hold back on the stereotypical rap video charm and surrounded themselves with flesh, chains, drugs, and sports cars.

Although the Trey Songz and J.R. rap video was jammed packed full of drinking, partying, and twerking, Esther Adler-O'Keefe, a now former assistant high school principal from Southampton High School in Long Island, New York, only appeared for a few moments at the beginning and end of the Trey Songz clip. But that was enough to raise a few eyebrows.

If you are an assistant principal, DON'T be part of this guy's videos: Trey Songz [Photo from Getty Images/Kevin Winter]

Her role was minimal, acting the part of a relatively straight-laced wife who heads off on vacation with her grey haired husband, leaving the rapper J.R. and his buddy Trey Songz in charge of their mansion. She does hold a speaking role however, with her one line in the video being "Enjoy yourself, just remember security's here."

That's when the Trey Songz video gets really interesting. Did the couple really think that leaving these two dudes in charge of their big house while they went on vacation was a good idea? The answer is no. Wall-to-wall half naked ladies, doing their twerking thing; misogynistic and swear-filled lyrics; drug use, drinking; and lots of selfie-taking occupy pretty much every other second of the Trey Songz video.

Now, Esther claims that she had no idea what the video was about, what the name of the song was, what the lyrics were, or had any information on the rather raunchy nature of the Trey Songz video. Huffington Post quotes Ms. Adler-O'Keefe, who pleaded innocence.

"Speaking as a private individual and not in my professional capacity, I wish to state for the record that, when I agreed to participate, I was completely unaware of the content, lyrics, and title of the video and song. Had I known of such content or lyrics, I certainly would not have participated in any fashion. I find the lyrics and content of the music video vulgar, offensive, and demeaning."
As Esquire pointed out, however, during the final scenes in the video, when the travelling couple return to their home to find Trey Songz and J.R. asleep surrounded by bikini-clad girls, drugs, and Polaroids of the previous night's adventures, surely she must have gotten some clue as to what was going on.

trey songz
Former Southhampton High school assistant principal, Adler-O'Keefe [Screenshot from 'Best Friends' video/2015 M.W.E. Music/Untouchable Records]

The school's superintendent, Dr. Scott Farina, was none too pleased that Esther Adler-O'Keefe chose to be part of the Trey Songz shenanigans, and spoke out against her involvement in the video, as quoted by Gawker.

"The video in question showcases behaviors and language use that is not promoted by the Southampton School District. In fact, we actively teach our students the importance of good character and making smart choices. Additionally, this is not representative of who we are as a district, nor of our students and staff."
Although she has been removed as the assistant principal of Southhampton High school, she still has a job with the school district as she has been reassigned to "new administrative duties," whatever that may be? There is also no word on what effect this new relegation will have on her pay. According to 27East, she is a tenured employee who began working for the Southhampton School District in 2010, with a salary of $126,500.

The moral of the story is, if you are an assistant principal at a high school, and you are offered a role in a Trey Songz video, you should really do your research and find out what kind of video Trey Songz and his pal JR are planning to make before saying you will take part.

[Header photo from 'Best Friends' video/2015 M.W.E. Music/Untouchable Records]