Iran Has Multiple Secret Bunkers With Endless Rows Of Ballistic Missiles To Be Used ‘If Enemies Make A Mistake’ [Video]

Iran’s state media broadcast a chilling video that showed a secret bunker claiming to contain rows upon rows of short- and long-range ballistic missiles. The ordinances are being hoarded in multiple sites and are intended as a strong deterrent to the country’s enemies.

Iranian state television IRINN broadcast astonishing footage Wednesday of an underground tunnel that appears to be packed with missiles and launcher units. One of the officials in the video said these missile sites are one of many and will be used if “enemies make a mistake.”

Incidentally, the video was released just three days after Iran says it successfully tested a new long-range ballistic missile, which the United States has strongly objected to, claiming that Iran has violated a UN Security Council resolution. Moreover, Iran just signed a historic nuclear deal with six world powers to lift the crippling sanctions and trade embargo the nation was facing for well over a decade. It is unclear what impact the footage will have on the deal.

Though it is not clear why Iran would intentionally attempt to jeopardize the critical nuclear deal by showing the bunker, experts indicate the military was pressurized by the country’s polarized lawmakers to strongly indicate that Iran’s military might is in no way affected or weakened by the deal the country’s moderate leaders signed with the world super powers. Iran’s officials had to reiterate the statement that the nuclear agreement will not affect its military forces, particularly its ballistic missile program, and the visual proof is the manifestation of their strong resolve, reported MSN.

What are these secret bunkers holding and where are they stationed? While the locations of the bunkers is a closely-guarded secret, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh indicated that the missiles “are stationed and ready under the high mountains in all the country’s provinces and cities,” clearly indicating there are multiple bunkers which he claims are well stocked.

Iran Secret Bunker

Though the exact type of armament being stored in Iran’s secret bunker isn’t clear, these bunkers are said to be sitting inside mountains at a depth of more than 500 meters. If true, these bunkers are dwarfed only by NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain facility. The secret facility built in Colorado during the Cold War is said to be beneath 600 meters of mountainous terrain. The majority of the civilian services housed underneath the earth seldom go beyond 100 meters, but these aren’t used to house missiles.

Iran Secret Bunker

Though experts indicate that the majority of the missiles aren’t as potent today as they were a few decades ago, the military might in Iran’s secret bunkers is quite apparent. Will the aggressive show of force have any impact on the nuclear deal?

[Image Credit | YouTube Screen Grab]