Kellie Pickler And Faith Hill Lands New Show, Country Girls Hosting Lifestyle Series

What does Kellie Pickler and Faith Hill have in common, other than music? They both love to cook and keep their houses looking homey. These country girls are taking those talents to collaborate together to bring on a new lifestyle series that will be filmed in Nashville.

According to Billboard, Hill will serve as executive producer and an occasional co-host of this new show. It will feature such things as cooking, gardening, and home design with their own unique personalities thrown into the mix. There is also expected to be at least one more co-host alongside Kellie and Faith who will be added at a later date. Their guests will include experts on the chosen topics. They are hoping for this daytime talk show to be picked up soon so they can have a launch date for 2016 or 2017.

Faith Hill seems to be a big fan of Kellie Pickler. The American Idol alum is a favorite among the country music circuit and fans as well. She has a big personality and a big heart. Faith also agrees that she is a good choice to help her host the talk show.

“This is a woman of so many talents. She possesses the ability to reach far beyond the camera and into the hearts of people, allowing you to feel immediately connected to her.”

Faith Hill (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

That is a huge asset for anyone in daytime for viewers to be able to relate with. Executive producer Lisa Erspamer says that this series will be full of advice on lifestyle topics and not be focused on celebrities. She also thinks that Pickler will fit right in with this theme.

“Kellie is as real as anybody could ever be.”

Hill is not expected to be in front of the camera much, just occasionally. She will be more behind the scenes and basically shaping the show into her own unique style with the help of Erspamer and Kellie Pickler. This will be Faith Hill’s focus instead of her musical career.

Kellie can be seen on her new reality show on CMT called I Love Kellie Pickler, which debuts on November 5. She stars alongside her husband Kyle Jacobs as they show what life is like in their home and their marriage, as well as their friends and family who love them. You can’t help but love this girl. Ever since her American Idol days, she has brought lots of laughter and fun to county music.

Kellie Picker and Kyle Jacobs (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)

Pickler also appeared in two seasons of Dancing with the Stars. She won the competition in 2013, and the country star has melted hearts ever since. That has given her even more exposure — as if her musical talent wasn’t big enough.

Both of these women will certainly bring something different to this show. Of course, there are many daytime talk shows that have come and gone throughout the years, so it may or may not be a success. However, with a little country flair added to it, viewers may just be surprised. As Lisa Erspamer explained, she thinks that this series will have what women are looking for in a talk show.

“I got to see firsthand how women live on Pinterest. They’re looking at recipes and home design and all those types of things that make up a home and help you have a good quality of life. I felt like that type of show was really missing in daytime television.”

Pickler does seem like a good choice as a co-host. With her fun persona on screen and Faith Hill’s flair for shaping the show, it may be a match made in heaven.

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