Mother Learns Her Daughter Was Murdered When The Killer Calls Her To Provide ‘Graphic Details’ Of The Stabbing

A mother from Houston, Texas, received a life-changing phone call from her daughter’s boyfriend on Saturday. The mother, Patricia Morden, was preparing a meal for her daughter, Melissa Morden, and her daughter’s boyfriend, Troy Clay II, when her phone began to ring. The mother says that Clay was on the other end of the phone and began outlining that he had killed Melissa. Patricia says she was confused and responded “Do what?” That is when Patricia says Clay began providing graphic details of Melissa’s murder, detailing how he had stabbed her to death in her apartment. Patricia rushed to her daughter’s home, but it was too late. She found her daughter’s dead body.

Troy Clay II

The Daily Mail reports that Patricia Morden was preparing a nice dinner for her daughter, Melissa, and her boyfriend, Troy, when she received a terrifying phone call. Morden says that her daughter’s boyfriend, Troy Clay II, phoned her just a few hours before dinner to let her know that he had murdered her daughter. A shocked Patricia responded “Do what?” and the killer began outlining the grizzly murder to the grief-stricken mother.

“I said, ‘Do what?’ and then he gave me very graphic details of what had transpired.”

Morden notes that Clay provided “graphic details” of her daughter’s murder and claimed that he murdered the woman because he found her in bed with another man. Patricia says that during the horrifying phone call, she attempted to make sense of what Clay was saying by asking him more questions, but the deranged boyfriend hung up the phone.

“When I went to question him, he hung up the phone.”

Morden says she and her husband immediately rushed to Melissa’s apartment. However, when they arrived, it was too late. They found their daughter’s dead body on the apartment floor covered in stab wounds. According to KHOU, Melissa and Clay had just recently started dating. They had known each since they were children but had only reconnected recently via Facebook. After speaking on the social media website, they began dating and moved in together in Melissa’s apartment. However, unbeknownst to Melissa, she was moving in with a criminal, as Troy had a troubled past with the law.


Police records indicate that Troy Clay II had been in trouble in the past for allegedly choking and assaulting other women. The distraught mother says she didn’t learn of the past criminal history until after her daughter was murdered. In fact, she notes that prior to the “nightmare” phone call, she had no inclination that Clay was capable of murdering her daughter.

“She did not feel like she was in danger. If we had had any inclination that he was capable of anything like this, we would have immediately stepped in.”

When Patricia arrived at her daughter’s apartment, Clay was nowhere to be found. Police were called to the scene and have still been unable to locate the alleged murderer. Now they are requesting that anyone with information on Troy Clay II’s whereabouts please come forward. Meanwhile, Patricia Morden is making a public plea for Clay to “do the right thing” and turn himself in.

Troy Clay II

Patricia is also encouraging women to do a thorough background check on men before they begin dating. Had Melissa Morden performed a background check on Troy Clay II before allowing him to move into her apartment, she would have found a laundry list of criminal charges, including assault on other women.

“Please do not date anybody without doing a criminal background check.”

Anyone with information on Troy Clay II’s whereabouts should contact Harris County Sheriff’s Office, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 713-222-TIPS.

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Melissa Morden]