NeNe Leakes Still Friends With Phaedra Parks: Kandi Burruss Is Questioning Intentions

NeNe Leakes may be off The Real Housewives of Atlanta for now, but she is still close with people who matter. NeNe left the show with few friends in hand, and Andy Cohen did tell her during her final reunion that she had lost quite a few friends while filming the show. Notable ones include Kim Zolciak, Sheree Whitfield, Marlo Hampton, and more recently, Kenya Moore. The two did start off on a civil note, but they quickly couldn't stand one another.

NeNe Leakes is now revealing that she did keep one friend from the show. Lawyer Phaedra Parks and Leakes still remain close friends despite not filming the show anymore. And NeNe had no problem declaring her love for her friend on social media this week.

According to a new report, NeNe Leakes is now revealing that she is still very close to Phaedra despite all of the drama on the show. She truly still cares for her friend, who went through some serious issues during the show's seventh season. When a follower asked Parks about her friendship with NeNe, she revealed that they are still very close.

"Yes NeNe Leakes and I are still friends," Phaedra replied, which had NeNe add, "Yes ma'am! Miss my Pha Pha."

Phaedra Parks RHOAThis isn't the first time that NeNe has gushed over her friendship with Parks. Back when she was leaving the show, she revealed that she would always love her friend, no matter what people were saying. She could have referred to Kenya Moore or Kandi Burruss, who have both questioned NeNe's intentions with her friendship.

"I still love Phaedra Parks no matter what NOBODY says and NOBODY can change that," NeNe told her followers back in April when she was thinking about leaving the show behind.

In the beginning, Leakes was skeptical of Phaedra. Both ladies had grown up in Athens, Georgia. And while Parks clearly remembers NeNe, Leakes didn't want to admit knowing Phaedra. During the earlier seasons, NeNe kept a clear distance from Phaedra. But after she started going through her issues with Apollo Nida, Leakes was quick to be supportive. And Kandi Burruss questioned why NeNe wanted to be by her side all of a sudden.

Of course, Kandi and Phaedra remain friends to this day, even though NeNe Leakes is playing a role now in Phaedra's life. Burruss may be questioning the friendship, but she is dealing with grown women who can handle themselves as they please.

NeNe Leakes RHOA"I'm just taking her kindness with baby steps," she has revealed of NeNe's friendship with Parks.

In the meantime, Phaedra will have to film The Real Housewives of Atlanta without Leakes. She recently hung out with Porsha Williams and brought both of her sons to the Million Man March. It sounds like she is able to move on and have fun without having NeNe on the show. As for Leakes herself, she has left The Real Housewives of Atlanta for now. But that doesn't mean that she wouldn't come back again. In the meantime, NeNe simply wants to explore other options.

"No. I'm a part of the Bravo family. I love Bravo, they love me — I have a great relationship with Andy Cohen. Everybody over there loves me. We all have a good relationship," Leakes said, adding, "I started the show and I'd go back whenever I felt like going back. I just don't ever want to say never."

It sounds like NeNe is planning a potential comeback. Maybe she wants to follow in Bethenny Frankel's footsteps and make quite the splash when she does return.

What do you think of NeNe Leakes remaining close friends with Phaedra Parks?

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