‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam’s Secret Weapon Arrives, Lulu Has News For Dante

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode indicate that there are some exciting moments ahead. Viewers saw on Wednesday as Carlos Rivera’s body surfaced and Sonny wed Carly once again. What is coming up in the October 15 episode?

Fans have watched as Nathan and Maxie struggled with the secrets they have been keeping. They both know key details of what has been going on with Dillon, Lulu, Dante, and Valerie, but they have yet to fully come clean with one another. According to We Love Soaps, that continues on Thursday’s episode.

Both Maxie and Nathan have secrets they have sworn to keep to themselves, but things are escalating, and it may be time for the two to be honest with one another. Will all the secrets they’ve been keeping on behalf of Dante, Lulu, and Dillon spell trouble for their own relationship?

'General Hospital' star Emme Rylan

Though Dante has been quite stressed about the Valerie situation, Lulu has been talking about trying to have another baby. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will have some big news for Dante on Thursday’s show, and it is believed to be about the potential baby. From the sounds of things, she may get the go-ahead from her doctor on carrying another embryo, but Dante may be a bit more reserved about the news.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, viewers should see more play out regarding Ava, Paul, Anna, and Carlos. Now that Carlos’ body has been uncovered, that leaves some of these other players dancing around a bit. General Hospital spoilers note that Paul is working all of the angles to get the outcome he desires. However, there are still some loose ends that could mess things up for him.

It seems that there could be a tense confrontation ahead between Morgan and Ava regarding Carlos’ death, as it will become clear in the days ahead that Carlos had nothing to do with Sonny’s shooting. Fans knew that with all the talk about Carlos he would reappear in some way soon, and this definitely could shake things up in Port Charles.

'General Hospital' star Rebecca Budig

Hayden has been struggling to regain her memory, and she will reach out to Patrick in Thursday’s show for help. General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be perplexed about the difficulties she is having, but she is determined to figure out how to piece her memories back together. When and if she does, viewers know, she could wreak a lot of havoc in Port Charles.

Jake and Sam have been working together to try to figure out the truth about his past and his identity. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sam will decide to bring in a special weapon, and that weapon shows up on Friday’s show. It seems she has contacted Spinelli, and he will show back up in Port Charles ready to help.

If anybody can get to the bottom of this Jake Doe mystery, it very likely is Spinelli. Many GH fans think that having Spinelli be the key to Jason Morgan recovering his identity is a solid fit given the history of these two characters. Is that how this will play out?

There have been General Hospital spoilers floating around that Jake will figure out the truth ahead of his wedding day, which would mean this is all going to blow sky-high very soon. Will Sam, Spinelli, and Jake uncover the truth before Hayden or Laura share the details? What happens to Liz when Jake realizes he is Jason?

The next few weeks will be jam-packed with action, and viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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