WWE News: WWE Aware Of Lana And Rusev’s Engagement, Vince McMahon Not Happy About It

WWE is an exaggeration of reality. Wrestling’s consequences are very real, but the endings are scripted. That’s the primary reason why outlets like ESPN, Fox Sports One, and others don’t cover the WWE. Reality has remained augmented. For example, relationships are normally fake in the WWE. Aside from Lita, Matt Hardy, and Edge, relationships don’t spill into storylines. John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship wasn’t recognized until Total Divas.

At the drop of a hat, a real-life relationship can completely ruin a storyline on television. What’s currently happening with Lana, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, and Summer Rae is the best example for that. It was a long storyline that pitted Rusev and Ziggler against one another. Lana was with Rusev, while Summer Rae remain by Ziggler’s side.

Dolph Ziggler, Lana, Rusev Summer Rae WWE
Pay-per-view match after pay-per-view match, they battled in great matches. To switch things up, Lana and Summer Rae swapped partners. Lana turned face. She was supposed to get a huge push and become the top woman in the WWE. That didn’t happen, obviously, but Lana was still over with the WWE Universe.

Lana and Summer Rae were on pace to have a match. Unfortunately, Ziggler’s manager suffered a wrist injury during in-ring training. Lana was never a wrestler, so she had to start from scratch at the WWE Performance Center. That came to an end, and the WWE dropped a huge bombshell last week. Summer proposed to Rusev. While all this was happening, Rusev and Lana got engaged in real life. TMZ reported it and ruined the entire thing. According to Cageside Seats and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon was not keen on the news getting out.

“WWE was fully aware of the Lana-Rusev engagement coming out when it did but Vince McMahon was unhappy about it. Apparently the real life engagement was the inspiration behind Summer proposing on TV.”

Like any good employee, Rusev and Lana presumably told WWE management about their engagement as soon as it happened. TMZ will report on what they want to report on, but it was Rusev and Lana who posted the picture on social media. Clearly, this situation could’ve been avoided. After this got out, the WWE had two options. They could’ve pretended it never happened because the WWE’s done that before.

It would’ve kept up with WWE’s traditional values, but this still is in the Reality Era. Almost nothing is a secret anymore. On top of that, most characters are their real personalities, just turned up a notch. WWE ended up going with the other option. They addressed it on WWE RAW. Rusev and Summer Rae came to the ring for his match while not realizing anything happened.

Lana Summer Rae WWE
Ryback squashed Rusev, then Summer got on the mic. She put up the picture of Rusev and Lana’s engagement. Summer called him out and proceeded to slap him in the face. Unfortunately, the entire storyline is ruined and should not continue. Summer called out Lana on Twitter, as well as Rusev, which could mean the storyline is still ongoing.

If the WWE plans a match between Lana and Summer Rae, then the entire situation can be salvaged. WWE officials had the chance to have Lana propose on WWE Raw, which could’ve sent Rusev into a confused tirade. Two women fighting for the same man is an age-old storyline, but one match at a pay-per-view had the potential to grab attention from the WWE Universe. One thing is for sure, and that is kayfabe being dead.

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