Ben Affleck, Beard Banished, Flaunts Superhero Chin, But Will Jennifer Garner Forgive His Affair With Nanny?

Joanne Eglash

Ben Affleck has shaved off his beard. And although the news that Ben and Jennifer Garner were divorcing after being married for a decade went viral, Affleck and his beard are getting almost as much attention, noted Us Weekly.

The clean-faced Ben stopped the red carpet traffic at the premiere of Beasts of No Nation in southern California. Affleck had been growing out his beard, which was flecked with grey, since early summer. Ben allowed his facial hair to go from a hint of stubble to scraggly. But apparently, Affleck decided that his beard needed to be banished in the same way that superheroes slay villains.

Ben, who stars in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, donned a black leather jacket to go with his new look. Affleck last was seen with his beard in September.

At 43, Ben has been known for some type of facial hair in recent years. But Affleck seems to have decided that along with trying to change his ways, it was time to get rid of that beard, according to the Daily Mail.

Throughout his marriage, Ben had gone from a trimmed beard to a 5 o'clock shadow before going for the scruffy long beard. Now that Affleck has completely shaved off his beard, however, it's hello to a bare chin that hasn't seen the light of day for months.

Jennifer and Ben share three young children, ranging in age from Samuel, 3, to 6-year-old Seraphina and 9-year-old Violet. Although Garner and Affleck had remained together amid various rumors, the final split came when Ben reportedly cheated on Jennifer with his children's 28-year-old nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

Affleck shaved off his beard prior to his red carpet appearance with a very happy-looking John Legend. Ben seemed stressed, but the songwriter/singer was joyful because his wife, Chrissy Teigen, just announced they're going to be welcoming a long-awaited baby.

The screening of Beasts of No Nation also included the director of the film, Cary Fukunaga; Abraham Attah, the movie's star; and Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix. The film will have its global release on Netflix on Friday. Beasts of No Nation derives its plot from a book by Uzodinma Iweala. The movie reveals what happens to a child soldier in an African country, including the child's recruitment by a harsh Commandant. The latter role is portrayed by Idris Elba.

Thus far, however, Affleck and his beard have gotten more publicity than the film, pointed out People.

Although Ben's beard growth all summer has been closely observed by facial hair followers, Affleck previously sported an impressive beard in 2013. That hair growth was for the role Ben played in Argo, which won an Oscar.

Following the Santa-Claus-worthy beard, Affleck went with a more trimmed beard for some time. But now it's gone for now, and the only ones who may be cheering are little Violet and Seraphina.

Ben previously admitted that when he had all that facial hair for Argo, Affleck had to deal with criticism about his beard from his daughters.

"I kept trying to tell my littler kids [that this was for work]," revealed the star. "They would say, 'Why can't you shave your … prickles? Shave your prickles!' "

Why did Ben make the decision to shave it all off? Affleck banished the beard for Live By Night.

What many are wondering, however, is whether there's any chance Ben and Garner could get back together. But Matt Damon has revealed that their married life had problems even before the affair with the nanny, according to Movie News Guide.

In Matt's view, it's not just Affleck who is at fault. He also blames Jennifer for the marital problems and angry state of the couple. Consequently, Damon feels that it's time for Ben and Jennifer to seek love elsewhere. Just as Affleck banished his beard, "Bennifer" seems to have dissolved, as well.

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