Kurt Cobain Documentary Given Release Date

A documentary looking into a theory surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death has been given the release date of October 19. It will look into the allegations that the Nirvana frontman was murdered, despite the cause of death being ruled a suicide.

The documentary comes 20 years after Cobain’s death. It is still a mystery to many who claim that there is no way the singer would have killed himself. His wife, Courtney Love, is often blamed and is currently one of those suspected of his murder in the upcoming documentary. The theory is that the handwriting in the suicide note was not his own, but the murder was staged to look like he did it to himself.

The New Documentary Into Kurt Cobain's Death Has A Release Date

This new Cobain documentary has been given the name Soaked in Bleach and involves Norm Stamper, a former police chief from Seattle. He claims that the investigation into Kurt’s death should be re-opened and that is included in the trailer for the murder. The trailer is included below.

It is clear that those who made the documentary have an agenda against Courtney Love. They claim that a “handwriting practice sheet” was found in her bag, which contained some of the letters that could be compared to some of the letters in the suicide note. However, the film does point out that the letters can be compared to those in the “last few lines” of the note.

There is also evidence that suggests tampering with the note may have taken place. It looks like the last four lines have been changed, which changes the context of the note. Initially, it appears to be about his relationship with music. It is only in the last four lines that he says goodbye to those he loves, which is a common theme in suicide notes.

This is not the first time a Kurt Cobain documentary has been released, according to Sea FM. In 1998, there was another that claimed Love had killed her partner for the inheritance. She has regularly stated her innocence, and police at the time ruled the death a suicide.

It is not just the note that has led to speculation that Kurt Cobain was murdered, according to the Daily Mail. The violent death also sparked the belief that he was murdered, along with the timing. He allegedly killed himself with a shotgun in 1995.

The Kurt Cobain Documentary Now Has A Release Date

In this new documentary into Cobain’s death, there is evidence from Tom Grant, a private investigator. He was hired by his wife just days before the singer’s body was found. She was worried about his well-being. The documentary is presented from the point of view of this investigator. Heidi Harralson is also featured in the documentary. A forensic document examiner, she shares her findings into the suicide note. Courtney has since kept the note locked away in a safe deposit box since having it returned to her. Harralson believes that the note could have certainly been forged in the last four lines.

The suicide note was addressed to Cobain’s imaginary friend called Boddah, which is nothing out of the ordinary. The change of topic towards the end is the part that has many interested. While it is often seen in suicide notes, it can also be used in murders to make it look like suicide. This is considered overkill when used.

Stamper would like to see the case reopened, with detectives looking at all the evidence carefully. He will not rule out suicide, but he wants to make sure the police get it right this time to honor the Nirvana singer. Without sufficient evidence to do so, it is unlikely that this will happen even with the new Kurt Cobain documentary being released this month.

[Featured photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images]