Is Your iPhone Haunted? Selena Gomez Believes Ghosts Are Living In Hers

Traditionally, ghosts haunt houses, but according to Selena Gomez, spooks have an alarming tendency to set up shop in Apple products such as iPhones.

Celebrities, by their very nature, are fierce advocates of the nonsensical and big believers in the outlandish. In days of yore, daydreaming idlers with an abundance of time on their hand were often abducted by fairies and taken to the enchanted realm. Today, it is often the pampered celebrity who is carried away on flights of fancy to fantastical realms of being.

And so it would appear with Selena Gomez. The former Disney starlet, who is perhaps best known as Justin Bieber's girlfriend, appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and announced with all the boldness of a born again conspiracy theorist that she uses her iPhone in her ongoing quest to search for souls who have crossed over.

The Daily Mail reports that Selena confessed like a fresh faced newcomer at an AA meeting that her name was Gomez and she believed in ghosts, and what's more she had an iPhone app to prove the existence of these otherworldly visitors.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 14: Selena Gomez Visits

"I believe in ghosts, so I have a ghost app. I believe that spirits can tap into technology, why not right?"
Why not indeed! Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who is no stranger to the peculiar thought processes and strange quirks of the rich and famous, appeared both baffled and bemused by Selena's technology-tinged spirituality.

Like a magician plucking a white rabbit from their hat, Gomez then whipped out her iPhone and proceeded to open a ghost-busting app, which would apparently detect if the NBC studios were haunted.

On a roll, and riding the wave of incredulity in a way only the born again believer can, Selena then got down to some serious ghost busting.

Giggling like a little schoolgirl, Jimmy Fallon pleaded, "This is going to scare me."

A close up of the app, which looked like something best left buried on the dark side of the 1980s, revealed it was indeed working. By "working" we mean some strange wave formations and inexplicable numbers ran across Selena's phone like poltergeists on crack cocaine.

And then a silence, a darkness, an awkward pause for a few strained seconds, followed by a message from beyond the grave as the iPhone spoke one word in a gruff, sinister tone, and that word was "Children."

Quick to interpret the cryptic message with all the skill of a two dime carny clairvoyant, Selena announced, "Children…I don't have any children so they must be mad at ya'll."

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 14: Selena Gomez Visits
Selena Gomez giving a 'spooky' performance on the Tonight Show, which sent shivers up the spine.

Fallon continued to make fun of the ghost chasing app, falling just short of calling Selena a poltergeist princess, but Gomez was adamant that her iPhone worked in much the same way as a ouija board and had once picked up people she knew by name.

The cynics will enjoy pointing their fingers at Gomez, whilst contemptuously laughing and screaming, "Fool!" However, using technology to communicate with the dead is not so far-fetched at it might sound.

The Inquistr reported earlier this year that a groundbreaking new software called Project Elysium, which hopes to offer users the opportunity to communicate with a deceased loved one from beyond the grave, is currently in development.

But there is a catch: in Project Elysium, the dead are only digitized versions of the actual person, not actually the spirits of the deceased.

"The software will acts as a therapeutic experience aimed to help the people left behind deal with and work through their grief. Virtual sanctuary [is] a service where we work with clients to create 3D models of their deceased loved ones. Giving them the opportunity to see them once more in a custom made virtual environment allowing them to spend time together."
The dangerous consequences of replacing a human heart and a human soul with nothing more than data bytes and pixels are open-ended, so for now perhaps it's best if anyone wishing to communicate with the dead follows Selena Gomez's example and purchases an iPhone app.

[Image Credit: Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images]