Friends Concerned As Shia LaBeouf Back In Toxic Relationship

Shia LaBeouf's friends and fans have even more reason to be concerned as after his recent arrest and confrontation with the Austin Texas police. LaBeouf has now reunited with his former girlfriend, Mia Goth, who has been involved, along with the actor, in several public, violent confrontations.

As reported in the Inquisitr, LaBeouf has exhibited behavior that suggests he is having a mental health crisis. LaBeouf got arrested for public intoxication and being belligerent with police. He also claimed that he was in the armed services, and so, he said, the police could not arrest him. He also kept trying to get into a bar that had denied him service because he was too drunk to be served. Calling an officer "silly man" also did not help his case.

E! Online has noted that LaBeouf is once again romantically linked to Mia Goth, who was part of a public screaming match in Germany, in which LaBeouf threatened violence. It seems the actor is incapable right now of making good choices. He is also not taking responsibility for anything, and just claiming that these things happen to him.

"All my life, I seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," he tweeted on Wednesday.

Back in July, E! Online documented the dysfunction of the LaBeouf-Goth relationship when it blew up on a trip to Germany. Outside their hotel, the confrontation got heated.

"I don't wanna touch you. I don't wanna be aggressive. This is the kind of s**t that makes a person abusive," LaBeouf tells Goth.

"If I'd have stayed there, I would have killed her."
He then took off with a group he met on the street, and started a conversation about guns.

According to Perez Hilton, friends of LaBeouf and Goth are a bit surprised considering where they left off in Germany.

"This rekindled romance comes only days after SL was arrested in Texas for allegedly being publicly intoxicated. So, this seems like strange timing for the on-again, off-again couple to reunite."
Considering that LaBeouf is somewhat fragile right now, it might not be the best time to jump back into a relationship with someone you were scared you might murder? Just a thought.

Hollywood Gossip believes that Goth is in danger, as LaBeouf is volatile and likely mentally ill. It seems the incident in Germany was caught on video, and despite LaBeouf's claims that he got out before there was physical violence, Goth ended up with a black eye.

"Seriously though, it looks like Goth and LaBeouf are an item again, and as awesome as they're hyphenates name would be if they got married, we're still hoping Mia comes to her senses."
Requests from friends that Goth rethink this decision have thus been ignored.
"We know some women are attracted to 'bad boys,' but we're pretty sure Shia has crossed the line into 'dangerously mentally ill' boy."
The Daily News have reported that the two have been seen hand in hand, and Goth is wearing a ring on that finger. In a quote, LaBeouf has said that he would like to avoid hitting a woman.

"I don't want to touch a woman, I don't want to hit a woman, but I'm being pushed," LaBeouf told several German men, as reported by Entertainment Tonight, which aired a video of the incident.

Fans hope that LaBeouf can keep a grip on his temper and mental health.

Do you think that this relationship will end badly once again?

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