‘iZombie’ Sends Major Lilywhite Down The Rabbit Hole

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for iZombie.

iZombie opened its second season with everyone dealing with the fallout from Liv Moore’s (Rose McIver) decisions in the show’s first season finale, but it seems no one has been as negatively affected as Major Lilywhite (Robert Buckley). In fact, the similarities between Major and Alice of Alice in Wonderland are too striking to ignore, right down to those tiny vials of Utopium that seem to scream “drink me”.

iZombie Sends Major Lilywhite Through The Rabbit Hole

iZombie, Major Lilywhite

Everything about Major’s downward spiral seems to mirror Alice’s journey through the rabbit hole, all of which began with Max Rager C.E.O. Vaughn Du Clarke, played to perfect villainous success by Steven Weber, blackmailing Major into becoming his own personal zombie assassin. iZombie‘s Weber certainly seems to be channeling the opportunistic caterpillar from the Lewis Carroll classic, as he suggests that he might overlook Liv, if Lilywhite were more receptive to the offered arrangement, reports Entertainment Weekly.

It is this deal to be a Maz Rager zombie killer combined with the anger he feels with Liv over forcing the cure on him that leads Major toward the metaphorical rabbit hole, while his roommate, Ravi (Rahul Kohli), seems to push him right through with his suggestion that they experiment with Utopium. It isn’t long before Major gives into temptation and drinks from the tiny vial, which resembles all too easily the little “drink me” bottle Alice finds along her own journey, and loses himself amidst the wild flashing, colored lights and heart-pounding beats of the night club.

Liv saves the day again and delivers both Major and Ravi safely home, leaving one to wonder why Major doesn’t see that he’s turning his back on one of the most loyal love interests ever. Still, Lilywhite locks himself away and lets the darkness consume him, making himself more a pawn of Max Rager than ever before.

iZombie Executive Producer Rob Thomas Reveals A Troubling Future For Major

iZombie, Major Lilywhite

Between drug addiction, a killer new job, and conflicting feelings for iZombie‘s heroine, it comes as no surprise that Major is headed for some hard times, but Rob Thomas says it’s going to be far worse than iZombie fans may even realize.

“He will hit rock bottom,” the iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas told the Hollywood Reporter. “That’s the journey that he’s going on. He’s doing this horrible thing and can’t quite stand himself. We have a scene that I adore in which he officially hits rock bottom. It’s Major out on the streets trying to score Utopium. … Major knows he’s made it all the way down at that point, but it’s a few episodes away.”

The iZombie executive producer also revealed that Major won’t have to burden his problems alone for very long. While he won’t be opening up to Liv, as iZombie fans might be hoping, Ravi will discover the truth about all that Major has been forced to endure. After all, as the iZombie showrunner points out, these are the kinds of secrets that are difficult to keep from roommates.

Even so, Major Lilywhite won’t go through the whole season of iZombie as a Max Rager puppet, says Thomas. Major will go along with it to keep Liv, as well as himself, safe from Vaughn Du Clarke, but he will also be looking for an opportunity to gain the upper hand against the Max Rager C.E.O.

“What we pitched Robert Buckley when we got him to agree to do this was there was going to be this journey and he would be a man of action,” iZombie‘s Thomas says. “He’s been put in another pretty awful predicament, but part of the journey will be him trying to figure out a way out of it.”

The next episode of iZombie airs Tuesday, October 20, on CW.

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