Lamar Odom 911 Call: Listen To The Call To Police After Former NBA Player Found Unconscious

A 911 call after Lamar Odom was found unresponsive reveals that the former NBA player had used cocaine in the days before his collapse and had blood and other fluid coming from his mouth and nose.

The former NBA player was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday, with reports that he may have suffered an overdose of an herbal sexual stimulant. Now the transcript reveals more possible details, with the 911 caller claiming that Lamar Odom had use cocaine in the days leading up to the incident, though not on Tuesday.

In the 911 call, Love Ranch brothel spokesman Richard Hunter said Lamar Odom was breathing, but could not be awoken.

"He sounds like he's snoring a little bit. But he is breathing consistently," Hunter said (via ESPN).

Hunter said that Lamar Odom's cocaine use came before his visit to the brothel, which has an anti-drug policy.

Transcript of the Lamar Odom 911 call has been released to the internet, and can be heard below.

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said that authorities were testing Odom's blood for drugs and were waiting results.

"We would like to extend our best wishes to Mr. Odom and his family and we're hoping for a speedy recovery," she said.

Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof said that Odom was visiting the brothel as a way to unwind and escape the intense media pressure he has been under.

ESPN shared other details of Odom's visit, claiming that he spent "beyond five figures" during the visit.

"According to Hunter, Odom stayed at the 'best VIP suite' on an open-ended reservation and was accompanied by two women. He spent an amount beyond five figures, which would have been negotiated privately between him and the prostitutes. The women are contractors who get 50 percent of the negotiated price."
Odom had reportedly suffered depression after the collapse of his marriage to Khloe Kardashian and the death of two close friends this summer, each of a suspected drug overdose. Sources close to Odom claimed that he was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, though others said he was working out and had lost a significant amount of weight in the hopes of signing with another NBA team.

While there has not been an official update, sources say that the prognosis for Lamar Odom is grim. His estranged wife Khloe Kardashian has reportedly come to be by his side, as have other members of the Kardashian family. On Wednesday, Kris Jenner was photographed looking distraught outside the hospital.

Khloe has also made arrangements for Odom's children from a previous relationship to fly to the hospital to be with him.

"They're pretty sure this is goodbye, but they're praying for a miracle," a source close to the family told People magazine on Wednesday. "They know that God has the power to heal him, but that's really the last hope at this point. This is really bad."

Many others who know Odom sent message of support, and he has visits from former teammate Kobe Bryant among others.
Sources close to Odom told NBC News that he suffered brain damage, though the extent is not yet known. He also reportedly suffered at least one stroke and remains on a ventilator.

A source told ESPN that the next 48 hours will be critical to whether Odom would be able to recover.

The 911 call may also reveal the fight Lamar Odom has ahead of him. The transcript revealed he may have taken up to 10 tabs of an herbal form of Viagra, one that the FDA considers very dangerous.

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