UFO Size Of Moon Spotted On Sun’s Surface In NASA Photo — Latest In Series Of Solar UFO Sightings

A prominent online UFO hunter claims to have found a UFO as long as Earth’s moon not only orbiting the sun, but actually parked on the surface of the sun at the center of our solar system. And not only is this far from the first “moon-sized” UFO discovered by ardent internet UFO hunters, they claim that UFOs of this massive size are permanently occupying the space around the sun.

In fact, a team of “Russian scientists,” the UFO hunters claim, first discovered these gargantuan, alien spaceships six years ago but their startling discovery — whoever these scientists were — has been covered up by authorities who do not want the word getting out about moon-sized UFO ships clustering in the heart of the solar system, about 93 million miles from our home planet.

“About six to seven years ago, Russian scientists announced that they found UFOs flying around our sun and that these UFOs would suddenly change direction and speed,” wrote Scott C. Waring, editor of the popular online site, UFO Sightings Daily.

So what happened to the amazing findings, which by all rights should have revolutionized our understanding of the galaxy and even the universe? Of course, they’ve been made to disappear — along with the scientists who discovered them, presumably.

The Russian scientists’ amazing discoveries have been “scrubbed from the internet,” Waring proclaims. “But some of us will not forget and we will search for them always,” he promised.

Apparently the ongoing search has yielded some success. Giant, even moon-sized UFOs have been spotted flying on or around the sun on a regular basis, thanks to the NASA Helioviewer, a satellite-mounted telescope that observed our sun on a constant basis.

Late last year, according to the excited online UFOlogists, the Helioviewer captured images of a giant UFO “mothership” as it blasted out of the sun’s orbit off to destinations unknown.

In September of this year, a group of “moon sized ” UFOs was “discovered” in the sun’s orbit.

Scientists generally dismiss the solar UFO sightings as the result of the constant energy particle emissions generated by the sun — or simply as glitches in the NASA photographic process.

But that’s not what Waring believes about this image, which he uncovered in a NASA Helioviewer photo.

NASA UFO Sun distance

“I found this UFO near the sun and it looks like its almost touching the surface of the sun it’s so close,” he wrote on his blog on October 9. “The UFO is very long, about the length of our moon. It also has many right angles which also denotes intelligence design. I’m not sure why NASA refuses to answer questions about these UFOs, but I do know that they spent millions on these cameras and they are incredibly accurate with few flaws.”

Waring zoomed in to get a better view of the “moon-sized UFO.”

NASA Moon sized UFO Enhanced

Another enhancement is his attempt to show the general shape of the strange anomaly.

UFO sun NASA UFO Close

Readers of the UFO Sightings Daily site were impressed with the find.

“That is one big starship”: wrote one commenter. “Can only imagine what it is like to cruise the stars, Sun and moon. Fantastic find, Scot..take us to warp speed!”

But what the online UFO enthusiasts have not explained is how the alien races sophisticated enough to build these giant spaceships have also managed to make them so completely heat resistant that they can circle the sun and even land on its surface without becoming immediately incinerated by surface temperatures around 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for the NASA Helioviewer itself, the website for the solar observatory can be found at this link. But the satellite has many purposes other than the unofficial mission of uncovering “moon-sized” UFO ships. The solar observatory is the most prolific comet hunter in human history, recently discovering its 3,000th comet orbiting the solar system.

[Images: NASA]