Rand Paul Live Stream ‘Get Over It:’ Still Running For President, Views On White House Audio System

Rand Paul, Republican U.S. presidential hopeful and Kentucky state senator, broadcast his entire day over the Internet yesterday. The footage includes both audio and video, where Paul refers to the live stream as being “dumbass” and for those doubtful to “get over it.” Prior to these remarks, Paul’s support in polls had received a minor uptick. Recent Rand Paul polls indicate that the Kentucky senator has captured the imaginations of 3 to 4 percent of Republican voters, up from 2 to 3 percent in September, according to Real Clear Politics.

Rand Paul took questions from Internet users throughout the day. At one point, the question of if he was still running for president is asked. Paul stated, “I wouldn’t be doing this dumbass live streaming if I weren’t. So yes, I still am for president. Get over it.”

Other videos purported to be from the same live stream appears to show Rand Paul being asked what he thinks about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

“Well, I’m guessing they see the same hair stylist. I think they’re both similar,” Paul states with some consideration. Paul speaks of higher taxes and more regulations and what he sees as a shared belief between Clinton and Sanders that more government involvement in Americans’ lives is the answer.

Paul predicts a “stifling” and “strangling” of the U.S. economy if Sanders or Clinton were to be elected president. He states that “we’re already in trouble” and points to Bernie Sanders as being a “socialist” and of expressing a desire for a “command” economy where the government is involved in more things. Paul then wraps up his Bernie Sanders stance saying that his election as president would be a “disaster” for the United States.

Rand Paul calls live stream dumbass.
Rand Paul: "Get over it."

When asked what his “first day in the White House would look like,” Paul speaks about how he would upgrade the audio system currently installed at the White House because he would like to play his music “really loud.” Paul also professed to be “not sure” where he stood on the White House bowling alley question. He also speaks of needing to “tend” to the garden because he has a “green thumb.” One of his aides reinforces the point that if voters want to see the president cutting his own lawn, then they should vote for Rand Paul.

Paul then discusses men’s hair and a conversation with regard to “bad hair days” he once shared with Lyle Lovett. Rand Paul professed a friendship with Mr. Lovett and his belief that a shared common ground between the two may be a result of each having managed many bad hair days.

A third video purporting to show a question and answer portion of the Rand Paul live stream was uploaded.

“Where in the hell did you put those e-mails?” Paul scolds an aide.

“CNN, hopefully you are paying attention,” the aide states.

Voters from Indiana University asked Rand Paul why he is the candidate “for young Hoosiers.” Paul responds by speaking to the popularity of smartphones with young people and that he believes that the government has no right to access information in people’s phones. Rand also addressed people being incarcerated over drug offenses and that he sees a problem and that he wants to “fix it.”

When asked about his favorite philosopher, Rand professed not knowing if he was qualified to answer, but stated that he appreciates the work of Albert Camus, who won a Nobel Prize. Rand states that some referred to Camus as a “Christian atheist or Christian agnostic.”

[Feature Photo by Sean Rayford / Getty Images]