Tracy Morgan Jokes About Brain Injury On 'SNL' Promo

If you're expecting a somber Tracy Morgan when he takes the Saturday Night Live stage for his triumphant return, think again, because if his promos are evidence of the tone that Saturday's show will take on, then it's sure to be a terrific return to form for Morgan.

NBC has released promos of Morgan with SNL's Bobby Moynihan, and in true signature Tracy, he's not holding back for the sake of a few laughs. In one of the promos, Morgan stands next to Moynihan, and poked fun at the brain injury he sustained from the horrific car accident he was in.

At the top of the promo, Moynihan says, "It's such an honor to have you back, man." The SNL alum replies, "Back where? Did I use to work here?" Moynihan then begins to explain that he worked in the building for seven years. Morgan breaks his character and interjects, "I'm messing with you, Bobby!" "Yeah, I remember -- I remember everything! I remember you owe me $72!"

As the Inquisitr reported, Tracy Morgan was involved in a limo accident while on the New Jersey Turnpike. The crash left four injured, including Morgan, and his comedic mentor James McNair died in the crash. Their limo was driving home from a comedic gig when a Walmart tractor trailer rear ended the limo bus transporting the two comedians. The driver was later named to be Kevin Roper, an employee of Walmart, who was out on the road without much sleep. At the time of the car accident, the limo bus flipped. Morgan was hospitalized with severe injuries.

But finally, after months of recuperating, Morgan returned when he took the stage at the Emmys. During his appearance on the Emmys, Morgan brought up Jimmy Kimmel, because Kimmel said he would return to the stage. Fast forward a year later and Morgan stood on the stage, clearly emotional from the moment. While on stage, he thanked his wife, his team of doctors, and the support of his family, saying that they were the reason why he was able to stand on his own two feet.

When Morgan first reemerged after his accident, he was seen leaving in a wheelchair, and it was reported that he might never be the Tracy Morgan the entertainment world knew. With these appearances, Morgan defied the odds. After the award show, Morgan spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and said that it was his publicist Lewis Kay that really helped to get him to the stage at the Emmys. His publicist said to him, "What you want to do is let Hollywood welcome you home."

Tracy Morgan's SNL promos is just one piece in his homecoming. Morgan was also seen at New York's famous comedy club, the Comedy Cellar, performing a surprise stand-up gig. The owners of the Comedy Cellar declined to comment on the surprise appearance, but the comic was more than willing to take to Twitter to express his gratitude about his great return to the stage.

Many cheered Tracy on after he took the stage at the New York hot spot.Tracy Morgan will host SNL this weekend with musical guest Demi Lovato.

[Screencap via YouTube]