Tracy Morgan Jokes About Brain Injury On ‘SNL’ Promo

If you’re expecting a somber Tracy Morgan when he takes the Saturday Night Live stage for his triumphant return, think again, because if his promos are evidence of the tone that Saturday’s show will take on, then it’s sure to be a terrific return to form for Morgan.

NBC has released promos of Morgan with SNL’s Bobby Moynihan, and in true signature Tracy, he’s not holding back for the sake of a few laughs. In one of the promos, Morgan stands next to Moynihan, and poked fun at the brain injury he sustained from the horrific car accident he was in.

At the top of the promo, Moynihan says, “It’s such an honor to have you back, man.” The SNL alum replies, “Back where? Did I use to work here?” Moynihan then begins to explain that he worked in the building for seven years. Morgan breaks his character and interjects, “I’m messing with you, Bobby!” “Yeah, I remember — I remember everything! I remember you owe me $72!”