Trevor Noah Now Faces Accusations Of Plagiarism After 'The Daily Show' Ratings Crash

Daryl Deino

It hasn't been an easy month for Trevor Noah. His hosting of the The Daily Show has not only started off low in the cable television ratings, but he has now been accused of plagiarizing his jokes from another comedian. Gawker broke the news.

"Over the weekend, new Daily Show host Trevor Noah performed a short standup set at a convention in Los Angeles called Politicon. There, he did a bit about the varying extremes of racism he has experienced across America, which was insightful, but also a nearly exact replica of a decades-old Dave Chappelle joke."
"Before I came to America, I thought I knew all kinds of racism. I've always considered myself something of a racism connoisseur. I appreciate the finer racism."

"That Chappelle bit is pretty much exactly the same as Noah's. I guess it still could be a coincidence but it's more likely that he had seen it before and possibly forgot Chappelle did it," says user EllisCarver.

"Can the media now stop wetting itself over this guy because he's black, foreign, and has dimples? He's a hack who comes off like Daniel Tosh-lite when forced to do original material," says Big G.

"Despite all the free hype from every corner of the left-wing national media, Noah bombed during his first week with an average of just 1.02 million viewers. That's down a breathtaking -33% from this same time last year. And at this same time last year we were not in the middle of a historic presidential election delivering all-time high cable news ratings during the debates."

"Assured, handsome and with a crisp delivery, Mr. Noah was a smoother presenter than Mr. Stewart, who made an art form of sputtering and exasperated face palming," wrote the New York Times.

Despite the constant talk that the liberals are going out of their way to make Trevor Noah a Comedy Central success, there has been criticism aimed towards him by such left-leaning sources as Time and the Guardian for several past tweets he made, which weren't exactly politically correct. What do you think of Trevor Noah's comedy shtick? Let us know in the comments section.

[Feature Photo by Joe Scarnici / Getty Images Entertainment]