Preview Areas In Wrothgar, The New Region Added In The ‘Orsinium’ DLC For ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’

When the second DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online releases by the end of the year, Orsinium will add the ancestral Orc home of Wrothgar to Tamriel’s map. Situated in the northwestern High Rock portion of the map and east of Rivenspine, Wrothgar is a mountainous location with a storied history of invasions, giants, and restless orc clans.

In the Orsinium DLC, adventurers from all three Alliances are able to visit Wrothgar thanks to King Kurog, the ruler of the area that needs help rebuilding the capital. In fact, according to Bethesda, Elder Scrolls Online players investing time in aiding King Kurog and the orcs of Wrothgar will see Orsinium transform. The city will grow and hopefully improve over time as players quest and complete the story-driven content found in Orsinium.

The new zone coming to The Elder Scrolls Online boasts three very different climates and landscapes. In the eastern and northernmost portion of the region, mountains and snowy weather dominate the land. Moving west, toward the capital of Orsinium, players will find more even ground, waterfalls, and rocky terrain. In the westernmost portion of the region, the forest takes over providing a completely different countryside from the previous areas.

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On The Elder Scrolls Online website, developers detail the Wrothgar region by describing seven key areas of the zone. Areas touched on include Frozen Fleet, Fharun, Old Orsinium, Graystone Quarry, Sorrow, Exile’s Barrow, and Rkindaleft. In the snow-covered region located in east Wrothgar, players will find Frozen Fleet, Fharun, Sorrow, and Rkindaleft. Frozen Fleet is home to ogres and Breton shipwreck survivors while Rkindaleft, the easternmost location listed, vaunts mysterious Dwarven ruins.

In the west portion of the Tamriel map, where the map topography shows plains and grass instead of snow, players will find Exile’s Barrow, Graystone Quarry, and Old Orsinium. The Exile’s Barrow, an ancient Nord barrow, is alive with the dead, a situation players must address in order to help Chief Gloorot. In the Graystone Quarry, players will find the Orcs of Tumnosh; suppliers of stone to the city of Orsinium. In fact, the latest shipment of stone to the city is missing and the master mason of Orsinium is troubled about its status. It is up to the adventurers of The Elder Scrolls Online to figure out why the stone is missing.

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Content found in the Orsinium DLC, including the Wrothgar region, is currently being tested on the PC public test server. Players can download and test the new content using a template character or a copied character on the test server. For full details on how to access Orsinium content on the test server, check out the official website for more information. Console players cannot test the Orsinium content yet, but a new patch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just deployed. Fixes to the first Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Imperial City, are included as well as solutions to Shadow-specific Nightblade issues. The full console patch notes can be found on the official forums.

Orsinium will also launch alongside a base game patch that will add several improvements to The Elder Scrolls Online. As the Inquisitr pointed out, this patch will allow some cross-alliance grouping. Players will be able to use the Grouping Tool to group with members of opposing Alliances to complete dungeons. Since there are loose race-alliance restrictions thanks to the Explorer’s Pack and Adventurer’s Pack, the idea of grouping with other Alliance members is not that weird. Not to mention, cross-alliance grouping should speed up queues and popularize the Grouping Tool for all players.

Are you looking forward to the Orsinium DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online?

[Images via Bethesda]