Lil Wayne's Sex Tape May Not Stir Christina Milian

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian fans were reassured when they broke up that they were still friends and working together. However, a new sex tape has emerged and it is alleged that Lil Wayne is one of the stars. Naturally, everyone is wondering if this possible indiscretion on Lil Wayne's part is going to break Christina Milian's heart.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr on October 11, around August 21 an alleged sex tape featuring Lil Wayne surfaced, according to UpRoxx. At that time, Lil Wayne let it be known that if the people that owned the sex tape released it to the public, Lil Wayne would sue them.

Unfortunately, on October 12, the Lil Wayne sex tape owners leaked the tape and may have threatened to publish it online for the public to view.

With or without solid evidence in the first place, in the media it was clear that all eyes went to Christina Milian because she was possibly Lil Wayne's girlfriend at the time the alleged sex tape was filmed. While it may be unclear if Lil Wayne is in this sex tape to begin with -- Christina Milian is definitely not in the alleged sex video with Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian at the 2014 American Music Awards - Show
Christina Milian might be giving Lil Wayne the stink eye in real life after all. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

MStarz reports that Karrine Steffans had a long list of comments about the rumored Lil Wayne sex tape that she posted on Twitter around October 12. Among them, there were no comments about Christina Milian -- and Lil Wayne has not posted anything on social media about this alleged sex tape.

Although it has since been removed, a story appeared on Hollywood Life on October 13 insinuating that Christina Milian was "devastated" when she heard the news that there might be a sex tape featuring Lil Wayne. Furthermore, these insiders alleged Christina Milian felt "kicked in the gut" and "betrayed" by Lil Wayne.

Nevertheless, Christina Milian may have moved on from Lil Wayne since she was photographed in Miami embracing a handsome friend on the beach according to a Daily Mail report from October 4.

OK Magazine reported that a few days later, Christina Milian was seen at The ONE Group's STK Miami. Despite this, the reason Christina Milian was in Miami in the first place was to film a video for the song she recorded with Lil Wayne called "Do It."

Of course, Christina Milian may also feel confused about her feelings toward Lil Wayne and the alleged sex tape. In late September after they broke up, Christina Milian made it clear that she's still friends with Lil Wayne, and they are working together professionally on her projects.

For example, according to Ebony, Christina Milian said that Lil Wayne is a big part of her new album Like Me coming out on October 30 and stated the following around October 12 about their relationship.

"I'm actually fine. A lot of people are insinuating to my relationship, but he and I are actually really good. So we've shot a video called "Do It" which I'm really excited about, and things are normal. I think we just have differences sometimes and we have to figure out for ourselves the right thing instead of always trying to figure it out together. Because sometimes it just gets messy."
While Lil Wayne is currently at a career peak, Christina Milian is running up close behind him with more than her music. Along with her own reality TV show Turned Up premiering season 2 on E! on November 3, Christina Milian's other acting job is getting her noticed.

Christina Milian's starring role in Grandfathered as Vanessa has landed her a spot on the list of the People's Choice Awards for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series. According to Latina Magazine, voting for Christina Milian ends around October 22 with a new round of voting from November 3 to December 15.

Lil Wayne at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Show
Despite allegations that Lil Wayne might have had lots of women in his life in 2015, it is rumored he is currently single. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

[Feature image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images]