Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar Divorce: Couple Sells Home, But Did Jessa Prove They're Still Together?

Anna Duggar divorce rumors continue to swirl, and there's some speculation that a recent real estate transaction is proof that Josh Duggar is about to be a single man. However, it looks like Josh's younger sister, Jessa, doesn't want fans of the Duggar family to think that Anna is actually leaving the fold.

A Warranty Deed obtained by In Touch Weekly documents the sale of the Siloam Springs, Arkansas, home that Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar were reportedly set to move into earlier this year. The house was sold to ALB Investments, LLC, a corporation set up by a lawyer friend of the Duggar family named Travis Story, and the timing of the sale could be telling -- the home's ownership was transferred just five days after it was revealed that Josh had an account on the Ashley Madison website. He confessed to cheating on Anna shortly after the Ashley Madison story broke.

An In Touch Weekly source claims that Anna Duggar "could be gone for good," and another source told Hollywood Life that she isn't just fed up with her philandering husband -- she's also upset with the way her in-laws are treating her. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Michelle Duggar seemingly threw a little shade at her daughter-in-law by re-posting her infamous old blog about how wives need to keep their husbands sexually satisfied. There's been some speculation that Michelle was trying to hint that Anna's husband only went astray because she wasn't "being available" for him.

"She's gone from feeling sad to angry," the Hollywood Life source said of Anna's alleged state-of-mind.

"And adding fuel to the flame, is Michelle's recent sex advice. Anna thinks her words are a direct aim at her and they are passive aggressive and hurtful… Anna doesn't buy into that pleasing mentality anymore because she was ALWAYS there for Josh even when she was exhausted and that didn't stop him from betraying her and the family."
The Siloam Springs house sale could be a sign that Anna was ready to ditch Josh from the start -- the couple obviously wouldn't need the five-bedroom house after getting divorced. Anna would most likely head back to Florida where her parents live, and Josh would probably move into a smaller bachelor pad in Arkansas.

Josh and Anna Duggar headed back to Arkansas in June after it was discovered that Josh had molested five young girls as a teenager, including four of his sisters. He and Anna had been living in Washington, D.C., where Josh worked as the Executive Director of Family Research Council Action. According to PEOPLE, Josh resigned from his position with the Christian lobbying organization after In Touch Weekly broke the sexual molestation story late in March.

"I deeply regret that recent media reports about my long ago past has brought negative attention to FRC Action and its work to preserve and advance the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena," Duggar wrote in his resignation statement.

According to the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page, Anna Duggar and her husband actually purchased the Siloam Springs, Arkansas, home in January of this year, which was two months before the sexual molestation story broke. There was some speculation that Josh was moving back to Arkansas to run for political office, but it's also possible that he and Anna never planned on moving into the Siloam Springs home at all -- perhaps Josh was just following in the footsteps of his father, Jim Bob Duggar, by purchasing and flipping a house. He is the oldest Duggar son, so maybe Jim Bob was prepping him to take over the family real estate business.

Earlier today, Jessa Seewald shared two Instagram photos of Josh and Anna's kids, and the timing may not be coincidental -- they could be Jessa's way of indirectly responding to the divorce rumors. They're evidence that Anna is still close enough to her husband's family that she's willing to let her children spend time with them, and if Anna is in Arkansas, there's a chance that she's actually living in Jim Bob and Michelle's guest house while Josh is away at Reformers Unanimous, the faith-based "school" for addicts (Reformers is not a rehab center) that he checked into after claiming that he was addicted to internet pornography

One of the photos shows Jessa's husband, Ben Seewald, holding Anna and Josh's baby daughter, Meredith Grace Duggar. The photo was taken at Jim Bob and Michelle's house.

Ben Seewald With Meredith
Ben Seewald holds Anna Duggar's baby daughter inside the Duggar compound in Arkansas (Image credit: Jessa Seewald/Instagram)

The second photo shows Josh and Anna's son Michael holding Israel Dillard, the son of Jessa's sister Jill.

Jessa Seewald Shares Photo Of Anna Duggar's Son
Michael Duggar holds cousin Israel Dillard (Image credit: Jessa Seewald/Instagram)

Even though the Siloam Springs property has been sold, it's still possible that Josh and Anna Duggar will remain in Arkansas together after Josh finishes his stint in Reformers Unanimous. Jim Bob buys and sells properties all the time, so he could have another house ready for Josh and Anna's family to move into. Maybe he wanted to find them a home that's a little closer to the Duggar compound.

SheKnows reports that Josh will likely complete the Reformers Unanimous program in February, so Anna Duggar still has a little time to make up her mind about what she wants to do. However, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Jessa's photos could be evidence that Anna already knows what she wants to do -- she's sticking with the Duggars.

[Featured image credit: Josh Duggar/Instagram]