Montana Daycare Owner Allegedly Beaten By Drunk Dad Who Tried To Unlawfully Take Kids

A Montana daycare owner is recovering from injuries she reportedly sustained while protecting three children from their inebriated father. KFOR News reports that Martha McClure suffered painful and unsightly injuries after 31-year-old Francis Joseph Jackson, and his girlfriend, attacked her with a shovel.

Reports indicate that Jackson was drunk when he showed up at the daycare facility owned by the alleged victim, which prompted her to escort him from the building. It’s been reported that the father had been barred from having contact with his children. So not only was he escorted away for being under the influence of alcohol, he was escorted away for not having the legal clearance to even see his children — much less remove them from the premises. However, Jackson wasn’t having any of it. The man allegedly assaulted her before flinging an assortment of items at the windows of the facility in an attempt to force entry back inside, where he was attempting to withdraw his three children. Authorities claim that the 31-year-old man threw toys — which included a tricycle — at a window.

The daycare owner returned from inside of the facility (where she had retreated after the drunk man assaulted her) and engaged in a fight with the man. It was during this alleged scuffle that Jackson’s girlfriend (who has not been identified) hit the woman in the face with a shovel. The impact made by the shovel severely injured McClure’s face, and now she’s in need of eye surgery, as well as a long recovery.

The Billings Gazette reports that the 31-year-old father was taken into police custody. However, his unidentified girlfriend reportedly remains “at large.” She has not yet been apprehended by authorities and is currently being sought. Meanwhile, the daycare owner has a GoFundMe account, which has raised approximately $13000. She has also posted at least one updated photo, showing her healing progress after she was viciously attacked with a shovel.

This isn’t the first time a daycare worker has been the focus of media reports. Unfortunately, not every case involves the heroic deeds of these people who are entrusted to care for young children. More often than not, media attention focuses on the crimes committed by daycare workers and owners. For example, daycare workers in New Jersey have been accused of lying and covering up the attack of a 20-month-old child. Surveillance footage captured the 2015 incident, revealing that an older (and larger) child had assaulted the young child. Also this year, two young children were reportedly abandoned by a daycare worker in Long Island. The worker, who was employed by Brooklyn’s Elite Christian Daycare, was charged with two counts of child endangerment and two counts of child abandonment. There have also been multiple cases of childcare providers sexually assaulting and beating on the children put into their care.

Teachers and childcare providers have also died while protecting children from attackers while on the job. One of the most notorious cases include the Sandy Hook shootings, which killed more than 25 people. One of those killed in the notorious shooting was a teacher who shielded small children from the gunfire. The same type of incident took place in Sparks, Nevada, in 2013, which ended in the death of another heroic teacher.

"Mr. L" was shot at a Sparks, Nevada school. Photo credit: Facebook

Authorities have not indicated whether or not the father in the most recent story has an attorney, nor has the man spoken out about his alleged behavior. Meanwhile, Martha McClure is on the road to recovery after doing what she had to do to protect the children in her care. It should also be noted that social media is playing a huge role in the success of Martha’s GoFundMe efforts. Total strangers are opening their wallets for the woman who was brutally attacked while preventing an alleged parental child abduction.

Photo: Martha McClure via GoFundMe