Accused Killer Says He Was Possessed By Rapper Jay Z At Time Of Murder

Did Jay Z possess a man and drive him to murder? It’s unlikely, but this is the exact defense given by accused killer Jason Russell Jump. The 39-year-old man is accused of killing his landlord approximately three years ago, but he blames the rapper/mogul, along with other presumed members of the so-called “Illuminati.” The Huffington Post reports that Jump’s psychologist offered this defense in court on Friday in an attempt to show that he is not fit, mentally, to go to trial.

The murder took place in December, 2012. Authorities have alleged that Jason Russell Jump killed 54-year-old James V. Johns by bludgeoning him to death with a sharp object while in a tool shed. The Hawaiian man was charged with second-degree murder, since it appeared that the violent slaying wasn’t done in an act of premeditation.

So far, at least two different psychologists have given their two cents on whether or not Jason Russell Jump is mentally fit to stand trial. While one expert claims that the murder suspect suffers from persecutory delusional disorder, another expert has argued that Jump is simply a drug user who is faking schizophrenia to pull one over on the justice system. In other words, he’s possibly feigning a mental illness in order to get away with murder.

Dr. Edmund Valerio of the Hawaii State Hospital (where Jump is currently residing) says that the man appears to be fit for trial. He believes that Jump is coherent and cognizant of his surroundings, even though he openly blames rapper Jay Z for possessing him at the time of the murder he is accused of committing. He also believes that other celebrities are responsible for his stomach pain, claiming that celebrity members of the so called Illuminati are “eating” his stomach.

Jason Russell Jump believes that authorities should be arresting Jay Z for the murder he is accused of committing. He has been noted as saying that other Illuminati celebrities should also be arrested for attempting to possess and force him into committing crimes. He has accused other celebrities of “attacking” him while he’s been imprisoned.

Rapper Jay Z, courtesy of Wikipedia

Jay Z hasn’t made any comments about this wacky case, but the rapper does have his own violent history. MTV News reported in 2001 that the hip-hop mogul entered a plea of guilty in the stabbing of Lance “Un” Rivera. The incident took place in 1999 during the listening party for Q-Tip’s album, Amplified. An altercation broke out, leaving Un with at least one stab wound. Jay Z turned himself in not long after, but it clearly hasn’t affected his career. Of course, he’s been the subject of more than one hoax involving violence because of this guilty plea. Earlier this year, a post went viral on social media claiming that the rapper had been arrested for murder. Of course, the reports were completely fabricated.

Athena Doyle courtesy of Humboldt County Sheriff's Office.

This also isn’t the first time someone has made the news for their irrational belief in the Illuminati. Earlier this year, a trio of police impersonators were arrested, and revealed to be delusional believers in the Illuminati. Rapper Ty Dolla $ign has also been accused of being a member of the Illuminati, but has actually dignified believers with a response by claiming that he simply is not. Last year, a mother named Athena Doyle was charged with two counts of attempted murder. The woman had reportedly driven off a cliff with her two children in the car — ages two and four — after ranting on Facebook about how the Illuminati was after her family. Clearly, the woman suffers from mental illness, as confirmed by members of her family. However, her case also attracted the attention of others who believe in the secret society.

[Photo: Hawaii Police mugshot]