Liam Payne Excited To Leave 1D For Home? Principal, Family At Show

Liam Payne is quickly approaching a big chunk of spare time in his future when the One Direction tour ends on October 31. However, it appears that he might want to spend the One Direction 2016 break in his old hometown — and his hometown wants him back as soon as possible!

The Midlands Express and Star noted on October 10 that the 1D break will “give us a chance to see our superstar,” according to Liam Payne’s family. The local paper of Liam Payne’s hometown goes on to quote his mother, Karen, from the 2013 movie about 1D called This Is Us. They show Karen Payne in Madison Square Gardens in NYC purchasing a cardboard cut-out of Liam Payne as she says the following.

“We miss him. He left home my little boy and became the boy in a magazine. If I have this I can still see him every day. When I see him on stage I absolutely burst with pride, but we do miss him so much.”

About One Direction’s concert on October 10, the Birmingham Mail writes, “This was Wolverhampton’s very own Liam Payne’s homecoming gig with his friends, family, mum and even old Headmaster Mr. Bishop getting introduced to the audience throughout the night.”

Of course, it is no surprise that Liam Payne is getting attention from his old school because they are still active themes in his life. According to Biography, Liam Payne attended St. Peter’s Collegiate School in Wolverhampton and later went to study at City of Wolverhampton College.

Liam Payne and Sophia Smith at "The Class Of 92" - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Furthermore, Liam Payne might be invested in his old school days because he and his long-time girlfriend, Sophia Smith, met in high school. On August 18, 2013, the Birmingham Mail was happy to report, “It is claimed that Sophia was in the audience alongside Liam’s parents Geoff and Karen when the group performed their final US show at the Staples Centre on August 10.”

Throughout the years, Liam Payne has returned to his hometown to support his old schools — and it is rumored that he would love to return to his old town to go back to school. On August 4, MTV UK quoted Liam Payne stating the following about how much he missed his old hometown.

“Everyone’s asking if I’m gonna go away on holiday, but I’ve been everywhere, so I kind of just wanna go home! I honestly do miss living in Wolverhampton. I actually wanna pop down to my old school for a little bit, and go and talk to the kids.”

Nevertheless, Liam Payne is always happy to help out his old hometown. On September 10, Liam Payne was highlighted by the Shropshire Star for being part of an expansive youth center program in Wolverhampton. About the new £6 million youth club, Liam Payne said that “Wolverhampton is my home town and I am keen to give something back to the city that gave me a start in life.”

Liam Payne at The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Royal Film Performance and World Premiere- Outside Arrivals

Unfortunately, it turns out that Liam Payne’s old principal, Mark Robertson of City of Wolverhampton College, has been dealing with troubling times. According to the Midlands Express and Star, there is a budget issue at Liam Payne’s old school, City of Wolverhampton College.

Their September 25 report details that there have been nationwide education cuts, and the staff at Liam Payne’s old school are being asked to leave voluntarily before they are fired. Sadly, there have been over 27 educators that have left the school so far. Last year, it was reported that Liam Payne’s school would ultimately ask 90 staff or more to leave in total.

[Featured image via Karwai Tang / Stringer / Getty Images]