‘GTA V’ Sales Available Online This Week Across Xbox One, PS4, And PC

While millions of gamers might already own Rockstar Games’ extremely popular Grand Theft Auto V, the developer is providing incentives this week that should help additional players finally decide to pick up the latest installment of the hit open-world franchise for themselves. The GTA V sale extends across several different platforms.

Announcing this week’s selection of rotating discounts for Xbox Gold members, Microsoft’s Major Nelson revealed that the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V is now digitally available for 33 percent off. Furthermore, last-gen users can see even bigger savings as GTA V can currently be purchased and downloaded on Xbox 360 for only 58 percent of its normal price. These savings are available now and will run until next week’s Deals with Gold sale introduces a new assortment of titles.

GTA 5 aerial view

In addition to discounts on GTA V, this week’s Xbox sale also provides subscribers of Microsoft’s premium service with the chance to download older entries of the Grand Theft Auto series for cheap on the Xbox 360. This includes large markdowns on digital versions of both Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Fortunately for Playstation fans, Rockstar Games didn’t team up exclusively with Microsoft to deliver this week’s sales. While detailing this week’s PlayStation Store update on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony also confirmed that GTA V will also be discounted on the PS4 and PS3 through the remainder of the week. PlayStation owners will receive the exact same discount available to Xbox users, with Grand Theft Auto V on sale for 33 percent off on the PlayStation 4 and 58 percent off on PlayStation 3.

Grand Theft Auto V action scene

Due to a larger back catalog of GTA games available digitally on the PS Store, gamers can enjoy a larger selection of older titles from Rockstar Games’ signature franchise across PlayStation consoles. In addition to discounts of GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas, fans can also pick up the classic trilogy bundle and GTA: Vice City on the PlayStation 3. Additionally, players can also currently pick up Chinatown Wars as well as Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories for the PSP. All classic Grand Theft Auto titles in the PlayStation Store are on sale for 75 percent off from now through next Tuesday.

Not wanting to leave this week’s savings only for console gamers to enjoy, Rockstar Games revealed that the PC edition of GTA V is also currently on sale. The developer announced on Twitter that PC fans can currently download the game at the same price directly from the Rockstar Warehouse.

In addition to presenting savings to the standard version of Grand Theft Auto V across all platforms, Rockstar Games is also offering a 40 percent discount off a deluxe edition of GTA V that comes bundled with a Great White Shark Card that is redeemable for an extra $1,250,000 of in-game cash to spend within GTA Online. The bundle is only available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

GTA 5 discounts

Despite the fact that Grand Theft Auto V first launched on last-gen consoles over two years ago, anyone looking to take advantage of this week’s savings can expect plenty of additional content to still be released in the future, as Rockstar Games remains dedicated to improving the game’s online multiplayer experience.

Showing their commitment to GTA Online earlier this week, the developer released the final installment of a tip series designed to help users get the most out the recently added Freemode Events. These activities were added to GTA Online this summer as part of a free title update.

If you’ve been putting off picking up GTA V, will this week’s discounts make you finally decide to try the game?

[Images via Rockstar Games]