‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Make A Big Move, Anna Faces Pressure, And A Shocking Discovery Hits Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode tease that there might be some answers and shockers on the way. There has been a lot of talk about Carlos lately, and viewers are anxious for there to finally be some developments on this front. What can everybody expect from the October 14 show?

According to She Knows Soaps, Anna will face some tough questions from Jordan regarding Carlos. There has been a lot of buzz about Carlos Rivera’s whereabouts in recent episodes, all of which is complicated for Anna, considering that she shot him.

'General Hospital' star Finola Hughes

Viewers have watched as Carlos’ name was brought up as being tied to Sonny Corinthos’ shooting, and General Hospital spoilers share that Jordan may be following this path in her discussion with Anna. Celeb Dirty Laundry details that Jordan will be pushing Anna for intel about Carlos, and Anna may panic a bit.

Will Carlos’ body ever be recovered? General Hospital spoilers note that Maxie and Dillon will make a stunning discovery in Wednesday’s episode, and the buzz is that this may be a discovery of a dead body. While it could be Rivera who is found, having Kyle Sloan’s body suddenly surface may be a more likely scenario.

If indeed a dead body is that shocking discovery, it could make things complicated for someone in Port Charles. Ava and Paul have been butting heads over blackmail and business, and having either Kyle or Carlos’ body pop up could throw off their cover.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s episode, Nathan and Valerie will have an in-depth chat. He jumped to conclusions about Valerie, creating quite the sticky situation for her. Though initially after Valerie and Dante slept together, the show certainly seemed as if it was going to go the route of having her turn out to be pregnant.

More recently, however, it looks like the writers have chosen to head in a different direction. It would seem that Valerie isn’t pregnant after all, and she really takes Nathan to task for the assumptions he made. During the October 14 episode, viewers will see him apologize to her.

While Nathan may be trying to smooth things over, General Hospital spoilers note that she may not be interested. It sounds as if this could be a pretty heated exchange between the two. Is there still more drama on the way for Valerie when it comes to what happened with Dante? Viewers know there indeed is.

'General Hospital' star Laura Wright

During Tuesday’s episode, Sonny put together a plan to arrange a small wedding with Carly. He has Morgan, Michael, and Dante waiting in the chapel, wearing tuxes, and he has convinced Carly to join him there. Will viewers see the two wed on Wednesday’s show?

There is buzz that the two will indeed tie the knot in this episode, but everybody will have to tune in to find out for certain. A new, aged Josslyn Jacks is set to be in this episode, and having Josslyn in some scenes in Wednesday’s show may well be another sign that Carly and Sonny will wed, with a small group of family around them. It has been teased that some fan favorites will pop up in this episode, perhaps another clue that Sonny and Carly do finally get married once again.

Sonny is expected to leave the hospital and head to rehab very soon, and fans aren’t entirely sure what that means for Maurice Benard’s presence on the show. Will Sonny be out of the picture for a while, or will the show incorporate his rehab stint into the episodes? While viewers will have to wait and see, they can rest assured that Benard is still with the show, and Sonny is still integral to the happenings around Port Charles.

Just what do Dillon and Maxie find while they are filming? How long can Anna dance around her involvement with Carlos’ shooting? There is plenty more drama on the way on General Hospital, and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next.

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