‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Maggie Pregnant With Glenn’s Baby?

The Walking Dead Season 6 is only one episode in, but there may have been a big hint in the season premiere about the future of Glenn and Maggie’s relationship. Fans are going crazy online speculating that Maggie may actually be pregnant with Glenn’s baby, which could be both happy and sad for the fan favorite couple.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there is a good chance that Maggie could be pregnant with Glenn’s baby. That’s right — there could be another little one running around the dangerous post-apocalyptic world to join Rick’s daughter, Judith.

If you missed The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere, then you missed a lot. Not only did Rick and his group deal with an entire army of walkers that are now headed straight for Alexandria and lose a member of the gang (Carter was bitten by a zombie and killed by Rick), but there was a subtle conversation between Glenn and Maggie that has everyone talking.

The Walking Dead: Is Maggie Greene Pregnant?

While Walking Dead fans would love to see more of Maggie and Glenn and be overjoyed if they had an adorable little baby to add to their family, it would be sad that Hershel and Beth won’t be there to see it. However, if Maggie is pregnant, it could spell bad news for the pair.

The recent report revealed a casting call for the character of Negan, the evil man who kills Glenn in the comic book series by brutally bashing his head in with his weapon of choice: a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. Fans have been both excited and dreading Negan’s appearance on the hit series, as it could mean the death of Glenn.

The Walking Dead: Will Glenn Die?

Hershel, who was such a driving force in both Maggie and Glenn’s life, may be gone, but he’s not forgotten. In fact, in the graphic novel series, Glenn and Maggie have a baby son they decide to name after his grandfather, Hershel.

Now that The Walking Dead is in Season 6, fans are really starting to get worried that the longest lasting characters, especially Glenn and Daryl, have numbered days. As one of the original cast members, Glenn is likely the most beloved because of his sweet nature, ability to forgive, and give second chances. He also loves Maggie so fiercely that he would do anything for her. Glenn also has not been seen killing a human being on the TV series, which makes him more of a soft spot in the eyes of the fans.

While Glenn may be one of TWD’s sweetest and most grounded characters, he is still strong and is capable of being a leader in many situations. If the show were to kill him off, there would be some serious emotions from fans who are so invested in the show and its characters.

What are your thoughts on the rumors that Maggie could be pregnant with Glenn’s baby on The Walking Dead?

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