David Cassidy Pleads Not Guilty In Hit And Run Case

David Cassidy, a onetime teen heartthrob, has pled not guilty to the September hit and run in Florida. He is denying that he smashed into a big rig, pulled over to change his license plates, and then fled the scene.

TMZ is reporting that Cassidy, who has a history of substance abuse and driving while intoxicated, has been charged with more than just hit and run.

“David was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, expired tags, improper lane change and driving on a suspended license.”

Cassidy has tried rehab several times, but so far, it hasn’t stuck.

The Daily Mail says that the 65-year-old fled the scene because he was driving on a suspended license.

The Partridge Family star is accused of swerving into another lane at high speed and side-swiping a big rig on Florida’s Interstate 595 – before pulling over to hide his license plate and taking off.”

Each of his charges carries a maximum 60-day sentence and a $500 fine. Cassidy’s license had been suspended because of several prior DUIs.

Perez Hilton believes that Cassidy has no intention of doing any time for this incident.

“As we previously reported, the Partridge Family star slammed into a car, owned by a man named Pedro Vargas, while swerving in-and-out of lanes on Interstate 595 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. To make matters worse, it’s said that the actor seemed disoriented before taking off and even attempted to cover up his license plate following the incident.”

When police tracked Cassidy down after the incident, they didn’t bother to test him for drugs or alcohol, which is odd considering his record and history within the state of Florida. The actor has had three DUIs in the last five years.

The Herald-Reviwew believes that this recent arrest might indicate that Cassidy has perhaps done his last shows in Florida. They caught up with him at a recent show where he was playing all of the Partridge Family hits.

“‘My fans have been so incredible and supportive over the years and around the world,’ he confided with a genuine tone of gratitude, especially lately, with ‘The Partridge Family’ celebrating the 45th anniversary of its September 1970 premiere.”

He further explained that he has been in marathon sessions with lawyers discussing everything from his divorce from his wife of 28 years, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. This means divvying up their assets and selling their lavish Ft. Lauderdale dream home.

He is also embarrassed by his arrests and how his mug shots have been plastered everywhere. Add that to the pictures taken of him while he does community service, Cassidy is humiliated. But he still has pleasant memories of days gone by.

“What I DO remember, though, is playing with the Beach Boys, who were the ones who got me back performing live for the first time since 1984. I hadn’t toured since then.”

He says he plans on semi-retiring and maybe doing two gigs a year of his choosing. He also confirms he is in a new relationship that has given him a lot of freedom.

He plans of continuing to fight the charges that he insists he is not guilty of in court.

Do you think David Cassidy will be found guilty of these new charges? Do you think he was likely drunk at the time?

[Photo courtesy of WGN]