Ethan Couch: ’20/20′ Highlights Affluenza DUI Tragedy Of Spoiled Rich Kid In Tonight’s ABC Episode

Ethan Couch, the drunk Texas teen who got off after killing four people due to affluenza, will have his case highlighted tonight on the next episode of ABC 20/20. Inquisitr reported on last week’s 20/20 story about the Jenelle Potter Facebook murder case. This latest ABC 20/20 case will go behind the scenes of a terrible DUI tragedy that left Breanna Mitchell, Brian Jennings, Shelby Boyles, and Hollie Boyles dead. The TV show will also take a look at the community’s outrage over the lack of punishment for Ethan Couch.


The affluenza case angered people across the nation who say that Ethan Couch should have been held liable for his actions. And that at the very least, he should have served 10 hard years in prison. Others were disappointed by the outcome because they say there are plenty of good rich kids who know right from wrong and who act responsibly. There are also many wealthy parents who believe in punishing their children for misbehavior.

This judge failed to do all of the above. While insisting that a wrongdoer undergo rehab is good in most cases, there are some cases so heinous and so gruesome that a punishment element should be added. There was no real punishment for Ethan Couch, who was later carted off to an extravagant resort-like rehab in California, where he could meditate while looking out at the ocean. Meanwhile, the family members of Ethan’s dead victims had to try to cope with the loss.

By all accounts, Breanna Mitchell was a young woman with a good head on her shoulders. The aspiring professional caterer was doing everything right and knew what she wanted out of life. The Boyles and Jennings families were also exemplary people who loved giving back to the community.


“Once I found Hollie and, and I knew that… she was gone. Then it was a matter of ‘OK, so where is Shelby?’

Since the tragedy, Ethan Couch and his parents have been inundated with lawsuits from the families of those who lost their lives and from the families of the two other survivors who were riding as passengers in Couch’s truck that fateful night. For more updates in the case, you will want to watch tonight’s ABC 20/20 at 10/9 central. For more interesting articles, check out Inquisitr‘s coverage of O.J. Simpson and Pope Francis.

ABC 20/20 trailer for the Ethan Couch affluenza-DUI case

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