Jewel Performs Song ‘My Father’s Daughter’ for Dad Atz Kilcher of ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’

Country singer Jewel is known for her singing, but recently she has also become known as the daughter of Atz Kilcher from the reality show Alaska: The Last Frontier. Now Jewel is sharing a song that she wrote years ago but is just now making it on one of her albums. Jewel went to the Grand Ole Opry to perform her song “My Father’s Daughter,” which is all about Atz Kilcher. Jewel actually got the chance to sing this song with Dolly Parton on her upcoming album. The Boot shared the details about this song from Jewel.

This song was written by Jewel back in 2008. Jewel has performed it live over the years, but until now, it was not on an album. Jewel has finally found a place to put this great song that she wrote almost 10 years ago. It will now be on her new album Picking Up the Pieces and Jewel spoke out to Time all about the new song and getting to perform with Dolly Parton.

“When you grow up as a girl on a homestead with an outhouse, you don’t have many heroes in the public eye. Dolly and Loretta [Lynn] … had a similar lifestyle to me. I loved their audacity. They were women who were so outspoken, and they had no shame in being who they were. They were so ahead of their time, and I always thought it was quite heroic. So I asked [Dolly] to sing on the song, and I was pretty surprised she said yes. I’m tremendously honored. We got in the studio, she started at 8AM and was 10 minutes early and well prepared and looked amazing and was sarcastic and witty and everything you would hope Dolly Parton would be.”

Back in 2012, Jewel’s website shared a bit about “My Father’s Daughter,” which is about Atz Kilcher. This was before the song was released, but Jewel was performing it live. Jewel thought it was perfect timing to talk about it considering her dad’s show, Alaska: The Last Frontier, had just come out. Jewel wrote this song with Lisa Carver. It was six months before Jewel performed this song live for everyone to hear it. The song was a huge hit, and it is great that now Jewel can finally put this song out on an album for everyone to hear. A lot of people might not even realize where Jewel comes from, but this song talks about her life. Here are a few of the hit lyrics of this new song from Jewel.

“She stepped off of the boat to see flowers in his hands, The man she would marry was as hard as the mountains, She had his children in a log cabin, Soon I’d be another star in this family’s constellation, In the land of the midnight sun, Searching for gold, I am my father’s daughter.”

The hit show Alaska: The Last Frontier is about the lifestyle that Jewel left behind. Her family, the Kilchers, are continuing to live in Alaska and working as homesteaders. They do what they call co-existing with the land and find a way to make it work. Jewel no longer lives that lifestyle. She recently went through a divorce, and Jewel is living her own life. However, this song makes it obvious that she has not forgotten her roots and where she came from.

Don’t miss new episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier on Sunday nights on Discovery. This is a great chance to see how Jewel grew up and how Jewel’s life was before she was the singer she is today. Atz Kilcher is a very interesting man and full of surprises.

[Picture Source Jesse Grant/Getty Images for CMT]