New Orleans, Miami, And 414 Other Cities Will Be Under Water In The Next 100 Years, New Study Claims

New Orleans and Miami will sink under water during the next 100 years, a new Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report says. A total of 414 other American cities will also fall below sea level in whole or part during the same time frame.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report (PNAS) claims that moving to a renewable energy society and making “extreme” carbon cuts could save New Orleans, Miami, and more than 400 other cities, the Daily Mail notes. PNAS is a peer-reviewed United States journal.

Some scientists firmly believe that if the reliance upon fossil fuel is not reduced through the year 2100, sea levels will rise 14 to 32 feet around the globe. When the flooding in Louisiana, Florida, California, and New York will occur is a debatable topic within the scientific community.

The PNAS study focused upon regions in the United States that are most at risk and where more than 20 million Americans live. New Orleans will be the hardest hit of the more than 400 cities, according to the PNAS report. Even if massive carbon emissions are reduced, 98 percent of the Crescent City will sink below sea level, some researcher contend. Melting ice in the West Antarctic was also an area of flooding concern noted in the report.

The study authors also predicted what might happen to the same cities if an expansive climate change effort was enacted far more quickly than the 2050 peak date agreed upon by some world leaders. An online widget allows both the curious and concerned to see the flooding impact on all cities in the United States if such a disaster does occur. In November, a global city scenario tool will become available on the PNAS website.

“The tool shows which US cities may face ‘lock-in dates beyond which the cumulative effects of carbon emissions likely commit them to long-term sea-level rise that could submerge land under more than half of the city’s population,” the study notes.

Bill Strauss, the lead author of the new report, said that the time limit to correct the problem has already been “exceeded” for cities such as New Orleans and Miami.

“Norfolk, Virginia, for example, faces a lock-in date of 2045 under a scenario of unabated carbon emissions. In our analysis, a lot of cities have futures that depend on our carbon choices but some appear to be already lost,” Strauss said. “And it is hard to imagine how we could defend Miami in the long run.”

The city of Miami is based upon a porous limestone foundation and has a low elevation, and the sea walls will not be able to stop the doomsday flooding, Strauss maintains. He described the foundation of the popular Florida destination as resembling Swiss cheese — the water will run right through all the cracks and openings.

The PNAS study also found that Florida has the largest number of major cities at risk from sea level sinking. At least 40 percent of the United States population is living in cities or regions that could be affected by the disaster if the report’s findings are accurate. New York, California, and Louisiana are the next potentially deadly states, according to the flooding estimates in the study. New York City could be “unlivable” by 2085, the same report maintains.

What do you think about the PNAS study which claims New Orleans, Miami, and 414 other cities are facing massive flooding which could sink them below sea level?

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