Jennifer Lawrence: Bella Hadid Talks About Comparisons To Oscar Winner And Older Sister

Bella Hadid has quickly made a name for herself in the fashion and modelling world, much like her older sister, Gigi, and mom Yolanda Foster. The gorgeous sisters are often asked about any competitiveness while taking on the runway and booking modelling jobs. As much as tabloids want to present the sisters as if there is a wedge being driven between them in the form of modelling competition and success, Bella recently shared with Seventeen Magazine that there is no wedge and only support for one another. She does, however, admit that she becomes annoyed with the media and people within the industry harshly comparing and contrasting her and Gigi. The publication relays the 19-year-old's words in regards to this.

"I just have to remind myself that she's been doing this forever. I can't keep comparing myself to her because we're so different. But people still love to compare and contrast us — what's better about her or what's not that good about me — and it's hard because people are really mean."

Hadid did, in fact, indicate that stepping onto the modelling scene in the wake of her big sister has been difficult, but that they are both making a success of their opportunity.

An additional beauty in the entertainment industry who Bella is almost always compared to, aside from sister Gigi, is Jennifer Lawrence. Bella shares with the publication about her experiences when walking on set and getting the JLaw lookalike comment from the crew.

"People say it all the time. I'll walk onto set and five people will say, 'You know who you look like?' and I'm like, 'Jennifer Lawrence?' then they'll say, 'How'd you know I was going to say that?' and I'll go, 'Because I hear it five times a day.'"

 (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

As Vogue notes, Hadid seems to be doing just fine in the industry, even with a partial shadow being cast by big sister Gigi. After having walked in over 10 shows during the spring/summer 2016 season, which included Burberry, Balmain, and Topshop, Bella has begun to make her own unique mark and has carved out her own niche in the industry.

While most models are somewhat thin and straight up and down, as Seventeen puts it, Bella has a very curvaceous frame that helps her to stand out from among the pack of other runway and editorial models. Hadid dishes on her means to achieving the physique that has put her in the spotlight so quickly. The details may be a bit of a surprise.

"I eat a lot of pizza and really unhealthy food. I definitely gain weight and I'm not naturally thin. I'm really self-conscious if I go to trainers, so I just do stuff on my own. I go on the treadmill or do yoga and Pilates if I can."

When asked about her sister Gigi's eating habits and what the bombshell is actually like in person, Bella was open in regards to her annoyance in a joking manner, stating that Gigi can really eat anything. Bella also states that Gigi is also "hilarious," which many people don't know about her.

Seen Around Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows - Day 5 on September 14, 2015 in New York City.
Seen Around Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows - Day 5 on September 14, 2015 in New York City.

Both Hadid girls are indeed a breath of fresh air for the modelling industry, and each brings their own individual appeal and honest, witty demeanor. Each sister has a great career and a bright future. Neither of the Hadid girls' careers seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and both Bella and Gigi continue to win over fans and onlookers due to promoting a normal diet and curvy figures as beautiful and runway-worthy.

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