T.I. Tip Sorry For Declaring A Woman Is Too Emotional To Be President

After Hillary Clinton’s praised performance in the Democratic debate Tuesday night, Americans may have woken up this morning asking themselves — are we ready for a woman president? Rapper T.I. Tip has your answer, and according to him, we are “absolutely not” ready to elect a woman to the nation’s highest office.

Though come Tuesday, T.I. had changed his tune a bit following an interview on the radio show, “The Whoolywood Shuffle.” Following some backlash, he realized that his comments on the matter were insensitive and apologized, The Chicago Tribune reported.

The most offensive parts of the interview was his belief that women are too emotional to be president, and a mythical sea beast has a better chance of getting into the Oval Office. But let’s go back to the beginning.

T.I. Tip said his piece about a female president after the topic was raised by the show’s host, DJ Whoo Kid, The Hill added. He began the discussion with the statement that Clinton was a “big vagina to be putting in office.”

And T.I. Tip continued that line of thought. “Not to be sexist,” he began (meaning he’s about to say something sexist), but “I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman.”

And why, you may ask? You won’t be surprised by his reasoning.

“Just because every other position that exists, I think a woman could do well,” the ‘Whatever You Like…’ But the president, it’s kind of like, I just know that women make rash decisions emotionally — they make very permanent, cemented decisions — and then later, it’s kind of like it didn’t happen or they didn’t mean for it to happen.”

That’s right, Hillary, or perhaps Carly Fiorina, would be too emotional to be president. As for a woman’s ability to negotiate foreign policy, forget about it — she isn’t qualified to do that either. Tip seemed to apply that leaving a woman to such serious matters would result in someone setting off a nuclear weapon.

And to put a cherry on top of his opinion, he concluded by saying the country “might be able to get the Loch Ness monster elected before (we) could a woman. It’s not right, but I’m just saying I don’t think.”

But, you know, he wasn’t trying to be sexist.

Soon, the rapper took to Twitter to say sorry for the off-color comments, Ace Showbiz added.

“My comments about women running for president were unequivocally insensitive and wrong. I sincerely apologize to everyone I offended.”

So if T.I. Tip’s political affiliations absolutely do not lie with the fairer sex, where do they lie? The answer is surprising: Donald Trump, who he called “interesting” and “the best showman of them all.” Though the rapper is having a hard time getting around the GOP candidate’s racist comments, he believes he’s the only one can turn the economy around.

And, course, Trump doesn’t have all those pesky emotions getting in the way.

“And I do feel that if he is sincerely concerned about the economy of America and the working public, he would be the best person to flip the money that we have, take it and flip it. His racist remarks, all of his off-color statements, it makes it impossible to be, like, completely supportive of him. But just knowing what he’s done for business, for himself, if he intends to do that for America, it would be beneficial. But I can’t cast no vote for him.”

The rapper would be surprised to know that many political commentators have praised Hillary — the only female on the debate stage Tuesday night — for her polish and poise. When the dust settled, she was pointed out as one of the evening’s big winners.

Maybe the world is ready for a lady in the White House after all.

[Photo Courtesy Jesse Grant / Getty Images]