New York Bridal Week: Selfie Sticks Come Down The Runway

New York Bridal Week began on Monday, and with it came a new, modern take on fashion, which stood out particularly when one bride walked down the runway holding up a selfie stick. Forget carrying the bouquet. A selfie stick is much better for capturing precious moments as you make the most important walk of your life, right?

This high-tech innovation comes from bridal designer Reem Acra in her 2016 Collection. The bride came walking down the aisle with a partially drop-waist style dress and voluminous ruffles at the bottom. The outfit was completed by a blinged-out set of headphones and a sparkly selfie stick, complete with smartphone camera on the end.

This portrayal of the selfie stick’s seamless integration in pop culture is spot on, particularly since selfie sticks play such a prominent role in weddings for getting the perfect shot.

“[Selfie sticks] prove incredibly useful when you have to take pictures involving dozens of people in one room,” according to an article from Selfie Stick Gear. “Everybody can join in on a selfie and be a part of an astonishing picture. Selfie Sticks are extendable up to 40 inches and can include everyone in [a] group photo.”

With her unique design, Acra seems to be sharing the message that the selfie stick is the new must-have accessory for the modern wedding. And it doesn’t seem to be far from the truth. Because they’re so useful in capturing memories, they’re being used for wedding photo booths, bride and bridesmaids shots, and even as party favors at weddings.

Acra’s decision to have her brides wear sparkly headphones was also an interesting choice. When asked by Vogue about this interesting choice for a hair adornment, Acra stated “The bridal selfie stick and headphones were a way for me to communicate a bride’s desire to tune out the rest of the world and simply have fun.”

Her portrayal of the modern bride was likely meant to be metaphorical, but many people took it seriously, posting notes on the designer’s Facebook page in response to the unique move.

Bridal Week in New York City takes a modern twist on typical bridal fashion. (Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images)

“No, no, no, no, no,” said Michele Stapleton, one of Acra’s followers. “This walk is for cherishing the relationship with your Dad, who is giving you away, or anticipating being joined with your new husband. It is NOT about documenting yourself.”

Another user also shared some strong feelings about the selfie stick runway walk. “The madness needs to stop,” Mariam Sid wrote. “I would divorce my wife if she walked on the aisle with a selfie stick!”

These readers seem to have forgotten that at New York Bridal Week, most of the fashion portrayed there isn’t actually what’s known as “wearable fashion.” Instead, it’s more of an art piece that pays homage to the modern generation. It’s hard to ignore the millions of young people that love to take selfies and document every moment of their lives.

Though technology addictions are a real thing, in many cases, the use of the selfie stick isn’t a bad thing. It functions as a great tool for including all loved ones to commemorate a special event. As long as users of the tool are focusing on proper etiquette as they take photos, it isn’t a problem, whether at a wedding or on vacation.

By now, designer Reem Acra must know that her designs won’t always be well received, particularly by those who take things too literally. New York Bridal Week always has some exciting new twists and turns on modern fashion, and the selfie stick coming down the runway just wasn’t what most fans expected.

[Image via Joe Kohen / Getty Images]