‘Ladies Of London’ Star Juliet Angus Goes After Marissa After Cougar Comment

Ladies Of London star Juliet Angus may not have been in the middle of the drama on this week's episode, but she did have an opinion of what went down. Juliet decided it would be fun to have a bowling night for all of the ladies, and create bowling shirts with nicknames on them. Because Caroline Fleming was dating a much younger man, Juliet thought it would be fun to give her the name "Cougar."

While Caroline didn't seem upset with Juliet Angus for choosing that name for her, she did feel rattled that Marissa Hermer kept pushing the cougar jokes. It wasn't just about Fleming enjoying the company of younger men. The jokes were harsh, as she kept saying that Fleming had younger boys locked up in her home. And that didn't sit well with her.

According to a new Bravo report, Ladies Of London star Juliet Angus is now sharing her thoughts about what went down during bowling night. And Angus doesn't seem surprised that Hermer went as far as she did.

Caroline Fleming

"No I wasn't surprised, as women we innately protect our hearts and whoever is in them. No one should try to demean, judge or question our heart and its intentions – no matter the age, color or sex. The world needs more deep love and compassion so let's celebrate and be grateful for those when they are lucky to find it!" Juliet revealed, hinting that Marissa had gone way too far with her jokes.

The point of the bowling party was to get the ladies together, and Juliet Angus thought it would be fun to add wigs to the party. She points out that many people change when they wear wigs, because they let themselves be someone else. And maybe that's what got into Marissa that night.

"I went to a wig party years ago in LA and it was such a great party, everyone had a laugh because wigs just immediately lighten the mood. So throwing wigs into the mix with this group seemed like the icing on the cake to get us all start having fun again," she revealed, hinting that it was a lot of fun to dress up and take pictures.

Juliet Angus

Hermer has apologized for her comments and she reveals that she did call Fleming that night to apologize. On the way home from bowling, she called Caroline and apologized for her behavior. It was clearly out of line, and Fleming thought so as well.

"I was put off by Marissa's comments because they are unattractive, unnecessary, and unkind. I don't believe in making judgements, and I believe in kindness and goodness and allowing your inside to reflect your outside. I am both surprised and also slightly put off by what Marissa says and also how she just keeps going on and on about it - very ungraceful and far away from what I believe in. I believe in goodness and kindness all around, I believe in generosity of spirit. Unkind comments often come from unhappy place and I wish everyone well …" Fleming revealed in her own blog.

Marissa did apologize for her comment, and she didn't specify whether she and Caroline had made peace. But the jokes did seem to go too far, and Fleming wasn't too pleased about it. She was merely dating a much younger man, not locking up smaller boys at home. And given they both have younger children, Caroline was disgusted with the comment.

What do you think of Juliet Angus' comment? Do you think she has a point, or do you think she pushed it too far given that she and Marissa have had their issues?

[Image / Screen Captures via Bravo]