Is Lamar Odom Dead? JR Smith & Lil Wayne Share 'RIP' Posts On Instagram, Twitter: 'I Can't Believe This'

Does JR Smith know something the tabloids don't, or has he been misinformed? Two hours ago on Instagram, JR Smith posted an elaborate "RIP" message, saying goodbye to Lamar Odom, who is believed by most reports to still be alive.

Below is what JR Smith, who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, wrote to fans on October 14.

"RIP LO damn man I can't believe this... If this isn't a sign I don't know what is!!! This life is so much bigger then basketball an any other sport! I can't imagine what he was going through but I know he could have had some better people in his corner! Life doesn't care how much money you made or how man championships you have when its time to go it's time to go! Some people say 'it's easy to be happy you have millions!' With all the money that comes trust an believe it comes with just as much heartache! Learning a balance is key never get to high on the highs an never get to low on the lows! #RIPLO."
While JR Smith appears to be convinced that his fellow basketball player is deceased, the latest from TMZ claims otherwise. The website has been tracking the story since they broke news yesterday afternoon, and in their latest update, they've confirmed Odom is still alive, but currently in a coma. With ex-wife Khloe Kardashian said to be at his bedside, with a number of her family members, including Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, Odom's heart is said to be failing, and is also suffering from kidney and lung failure. The website also reported Odom is unable to breathe by himself, and is currently requiring machines to assist him.

Although TMZ's source said the outlook is "not good," there have been no official statements regarding his rumored death. Still, the RIP messages have continued online. Around the same time JR Smith's Instagram message was shared, rapper Lil Wayne took to Twitter, where he, too, told Odom to rest in peace.

The posts made by JR Smith and Lil Wayne may remain unconfirmed at this point, but sadly, Odom's situation does not appear to have much hope.Prior to JR Smith's Instagram post, news of the moments that led up to Odom's health crisis were revealed. As TMZ explained, Odom had reportedly been partying, while on a herbal replacement for Viagra, with women at a brothel in Las Vegas for three days before he was discovered unconscious with mucus running out of his nose and mouth. According to the report, Odom was found by a woman staffer who had entered his VIP room and witnessed him on the bed. After calling for a manager, 911 was called, and just before 4 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13, Odom was taken to a nearby hospital, and later to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, where he currently remains.

Earlier this year, JR Smith's fellow baller suffered the loss of two of his close friends, one being his longtime best friend, Jamie, who was seen on episode of Khloe & Lamar.

JR Smith has not yet commented further on his Instagram post, nor has he added any updates. Meanwhile, JR Smith's RIP post remains online, and continues to receive a number of comments from confused fans.

[Photo via Instagram]