Kardashians Are Not A Fan of Kylie’s Boyfriend Tyga, Kendall Annoyed He Crashed Fam Vacation

The Kardashian-Jenner daughters seem to maintain close relationships and ties and generally are accepting of one another’s romantic relationships. Although Scott has had his issues, Kourtney’s sisters and even her mom, Kris, show their support to the troubled father. Kanye has been accepted by Kim’s sisters and mother, although her stepbrothers have not been openly approving of the rapper. However, when it comes to Kylie’s rapper boyfriend Tyga, opinions are reportedly much different.

As Design & Trend notes, in a promo video for the 11th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the sisters appear to be irritated by the news that Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga, will be joining the family during their vacation in St. Barth’s. In the video, Kim unveiled Kylie’s plan to bring Tyga along while Kendall and Kris displayed obvious annoyance in their expressions. Khloe gave more of an understanding response to the news of the tag-a-long boyfriend Tyga.

“Listen, I rather be with a man too.”

Out of all of the sisters, Kendall appeared to be the most annoyed and reactive to the information that the father of one would be joining them in the tropics. The publication relays her words that were directed at Kylie.

“I was really looking forward to this trip to hang out with you.”

A source later shared with Hollywood Life in regards to Kendall’s reaction to not being able to purely hang with her sisters on the getaway.

“Kendall misses having quality time with Kylie and had hoped they would get to have some one on one time in St. Barths, that’s why she was so upset that Kylie invited Tyga. It’s not the same when it’s just the sisters. He ruins the sister vibe. Kendall was also bummed out that it was a surprise. Kylie never even asked if everyone was ok with her inviting Tyga. It was inconsiderate. Kylie and Tyga are already together 24/7. So why did she need to bring him on a family vacation.”

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The Kardashian clan also reacted to the permanent stamp 25-year-old Tyga had added to his body after tattooing Kylie’s name on his arm. However, as previously noted, the father to Kourtney Kardashian’s children, Scott, has experienced his share of support from the sisters and mother Kris Jenner as of late. However, Kris did slam the troubled 32-year-old pretty severely prior to changing her tune about him.

On Episode 10 of KUWTK, Kris shared some harsh views of Disick, calling him “a piece of s**t” and suggesting that jail would be the best thing for him after he had been caught cuddling with another woman. The reality show’s matriarch then seemed to come around and showed a softer side towards Scott during an interview with Access Hollywood while at Cosmopolitan’s 50th anniversary celebration.

“Aw, love him, love him. He’s doing good. I talked to him today. He’s always gonna be a part of our family, you know. We love really hard and he’s the father of my grandchildren and we’re all, we all love Scott.”

So perhaps the love for Tyga will continue to grow similarly to the manner in which the Kardashian’s have experienced with Scott. Season 11 of the reality show is sure to reveal more clips with Kylie and her rapper man and is also set to have just as much drama from the Kardashian household as viewers have seen in the 10 previous seasons. Kris continued to express with the entertainment outlet how much fun she had filming Season 11, drama and all.

“We had so much fun filming and doing it together as a family. So I, we’re, just so thrilled to be here and to have the memory of the picture that we can look back on many years from now and just really enjoy. Makes me happy.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 11 will premiere on November 15 on E!

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