Louis Tomlinson Knows Baby’s Sex, 1D Poster A Premonition?

In case you have not heard, Louis Tomlinson is having a baby — and it turns out that the world now knows the sex of his baby!

But could the merchandise that One Direction recently released for Made In The A.M. have been a premonition for the sex of Louis Tomlinson’s offspring?

When One Direction sent out an email to fans on October 8, there was a link to their deluxe fan bundle on Sony’s MyPlay Direct. Included in this bundle is the “new deluxe CD album and 18×24 poster featuring YOUR and other fans’ names.”

Listed on the poster, it appears that there are hundreds of female names which are allegedly the names of One Direction fans. The item stands out next to all of the other merchandise because of all of these female names.

But was this all a premonition of future events? After all, In Touch Weekly stated on October 14 that insiders tell them that it was recently revealed that Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth will be having a baby girl! This news supposedly is thrilling to Louis Tomlinson’s family, since he has six sisters.

One Direction Celebrate The Release Of Album "Four" On NBC Today Show

It has also been alleged by insiders that Louis Tomlinson has been getting texts from Briana to keep him updated on the progress of her pregnancy, according to Hollywood Life. Of course, it has also been rumored that Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have been spending time together in London, and that Louis Tomlinson wants to be present during the birth, according to an October 2 report from the Daily Mail.

However, some news sources describe Louis Tomlinson talking about his baby with Briana as “awkward.” According to a Mirror report from October 9, “Louis spoke about the amazing baby news with STV Glasgow when he dropped by for a chat with bandmate Niall Horan during the band’s tour and it was pretty awkward.”

The awkward moments that they were referring to included Louis Tomlinson saying he was excited about the new baby — but that he might have sounded more excited about this “lads’ holiday” that he is planning to take with the 1D gents in 2016.

In the meantime, Louis Tomlinson is working hard on being one of the most charitable celebrities in addition to playing shows with One Direction almost every night for the past weeks.

As it appears, one charitable event has led to another in Louis Tomlinson’s life. According to the North Hamptonshire Telegraph, a young lady that died from a rare childhood disease had a foundation, called Niamh’s Next Step, set up in her honor.

The parents of Niamh Curry specifically point out that, because Louis Tomlinson was prominent with one charity, it opened the door for them to ask him about their own. For this reason, while they were at One Direction’s Birmingham show on October 10, they asked Louis Tomlinson if he would consider Niamh’s Next Step, since he was a sponsor of the Believe in Magic Charity.

Louis Tomlinson at the 2014 American Music Awards - Show

Niamh’s father also stated that Believe in Magic Charity helped his daughter before she passed away in May, 2012, of neuroblastoma.

To get fans interested in the Niamh’s Next Step charity, Louis Tomlinson sent out a tweet on October 11 stating “@NiamhsNextStep Thank you for supporting us last night – hope I can return the favour :)”

Although it is likely that Louis Tomlinson will continue to have a heavy focus on charity in 2016 when One Direction goes on break, his new baby will be the top priority. Also, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis Tomlinson may spend part of 2016 working on his new record label. According to reports, the name of Louis Tomlinson’s new record label is subject to change — but his mother is the main person in charge.

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