Maks Chmerkovskiy And Nick Carter Dated Same ‘DWTS’ Contestant, Maks Would ‘Kill’ Hope Solo

Maks Chmerkovskiy was a bit harsh on Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter during this Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. He said that Nick’s switch-up dance with Witney Carson wasn’t his cup of tea, while the other judges commended the singer on another solid performance. But was Maks really less than impressed with the Nick’s Paso Doble, or did he have it out for the singer because he and Nick share an ex-girlfriend?

Maks Chmerkovskiy was the only Dancing with Stars judge who gave Nick Carter an 8 (the rest of the judges awarded him with 9’s). Maks probably wasn’t actually thinking about their shared former flame when he was judging Nick’s dance, but he did bring her up during a recent interview.

According to People, Maks Chmerkovskiy got brutally honest about his past DWTS partners while talking to ALLEGEDLY podcast hosts Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss. Maks was asked to play a game of F**k, Marry, Kill with his 14 former partners, who include DWTS host Erin Andrews, singer Brandy Norwood, Spice Girl Melanie Brown, model Denise Richards, and actress Kirstie Alley. Maks didn’t shy away from the challenge. First, he revealed that his shag choice was easy — he claimed that he’s already slept with Season 3 partner Willa Ford.

“I did not have any relations with any of my partners… well, one!” Maks said, according to the Daily Mail. “Willa Ford, we dated for a little while — I’m gonna stick that in the f**k category.”

However, during a 2006 interview with PEOPLE, Willa Ford claimed that she never had sexual relations with Maks. Willa was engaged to hockey player Mike Modano at the time.

“Maks and I were definitely close and we still are, but I kept saying that it’s going to be a shocker to everybody when they find out (I’m engaged to Mike,)” Willa revealed. “Every week I told people the truth – we were close, we hung out – but the show loved to fuel the relationship.”

Maks Chmerkovskiy was supposed to dance with Willa on the Dancing with the Stars tour, but he dropped out shortly after she announced her engagement to Mike.

Maks Chmerkovskiy talks Willa Ford

Willa Ford dated Nick Carter long before she danced with Maks. According to ABC News, she and Nick met at high school football game. Willa said that their Romeo and Juliet romance was doomed from the start because Nick’s family didn’t like her family, and that wasn’t the only problem — Backstreet Boys fans spread some pretty vicious rumors about the “I Wanna Be Bad” singer during the late ’90s.

Willa responded to the fan hate a few years after she and Nick Carter broke up by painting an unflattering picture of the beloved BSB singer’s sexual prowess and the way he reacted to fame. According to Contact Music, she claimed that she couldn’t remember having sex with him for the first time, even though she was a virgin at the time.

“But God, I was madly in love with that boy… Then… Fame. Done. A**hole. Well, not so much an a*****e as flaky. I told him that to his face because we’re friends now.”

Now Nick Carter is married to fitness expert Lauren Kitt.

Nick Carter dated 'DWTS' contestant

Maks Chmerkovskiy didn’t badmouth Willa while talking about the fling that she denies, but he did let lose on another celebrity partner: soccer star Hope Solo.

“I would probably marry … somebody like, Misty May-Treanor was awesome. And she’s an amazing chick,” Maks said of the Olympic volleyball player. “And I would definitely kill Hope Solo.”

According to Chmerkovskiy, Solo was just a “s****y person.”

“She wrote a book, she lied about a bunch of stuff.”

In her memoir, Solo: A Memoir of Hope, Hope Solo claimed that Maks Chmerkovskiy slapped her across the face during their rehearsals for Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars. According to Entertainment Weekly, she also claimed that the show was rigged.

Maks told Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss that he has no plans to return to the drama of DWTS. However, he can’t say that his experience on the show has been all bad. The master of the “showmance” finally scored a mirror ball trophy during Season 18 when he was partnered with Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis, and the pair formed a very strong bond.

Maks Chermkovskiy and Meryl Davis Showmance

Earlier this year, Meryl told Glamour that she and her former partner have forged “a life-long friendship,” and most DWTS fans would agree that they’re one of the show’s most beloved couples. Fans were probably surprised when Maks didn’t choose Meryl Davis as the partner he would marry while playing “f**k, marry, kill.”

Maks Chmerkovskiy also met his gorgeous girlfriend on Dancing with the Stars. During an August interview with PEOPLE, he gushed about how great things are going with Peta Murgatroyd.

“Everything’s amazing,” he said. “She’s awesome.”

Maks Chermkovskiy Says Peta Murgatroyd Is Amazing

Do you miss Maks Chmerkovskiy on Dancing with the Stars, or do you think that the show is better off without his argumentative attitude and distracting showmances?

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