New Mom Secretly Adopts Baby Girl, Videos Heartwarming Moment Her Mother Learns She Is A Grandma

One new mother, 32-year-old Laura Dell, decided to capture on video the moment that her own mother found out that she was a grandma. Unlike many baby announcement videos, Dell didn’t just inform her mother that she was a grandmother, she brought the baby girl with her to prove it. Dell and husband Josh had been approved for adoption just three weeks before filming the video and worked quickly with the adoption agency to be placed with their new baby girl. However, with the process moving so quickly, the pair did not inform Laura’s mother of the adoption until after the little girl’s arrival. The heartwarming moment that 61-year-old Sharon Bloomingdale learned she was a grandma was all captured on video and her reaction is priceless.

The Daily Mail reports that Sharon Bloomingdale was desperate to become a grandmother. In fact, it appears she talked about it frequently. So frequently that one of her coworkers can even be heard saying “Is there a baby in there?” when her daughter Laura presented her with a very special gift bag at work. The gift contained a tiny baby girl’s outfit and Bloomingdale immediately began to weep tears of joy. The new grandmother was ecstatic at the thought of a new baby in the family and immediately asks, “Do you have a baby?”

Laura Dell

Laura then takes her mother around the corner where her husband Josh is holding the sleeping baby named Ellie in a car seat. The already doting grandmother immediately approaches the baby carrier and begins to cry as she looked at her tiny sleeping face. The video cuts out, but Huffington Post reports that after the video ended and Ellie woke up, the new grandmother proudly walked around her office with her new grandbaby.

“After the video ended, she walked around the office with Ellie and told everyone, ‘When I came to work this morning, I wasn’t a grandma and now I am.'”

Laura Dell

Though the story is incredibly sweet on its own, what makes this story all the more special is the fact that Bloomingdale was adopted as an infant. Therefore, the new grandmother and Ellie will likely share a special bond with one another. The Dell family says that initially they took the video to share with Ellie when she got older. The sweet moment was captured on film and fully depicted the joyful feelings that Bloomingdale had when she learned that she was finally a grandmother. However, the family says they originally had no intention of sharing the video publicly.

Sharon Bloomingdale

Laura notes that though the video was not intended for public consumption, she decided to share the video with others as a way to spread the word about the joys of adoption. Laura notes that with National Adoption Month around the corner, she hoped to use the video as an adoption awareness piece.

“We love adoption and there are so many kids out there that need a home. Next month is National Adoption Month, so we decided this would be a way to show people how beautiful adoption is.”

What do you think about Bloomingdale’s reaction to finding out that she was a grandmother?

[Image Credit: Youtube/ Laura Dell]