Another Duggar On The Move: Jill Dillard Posts Adorable Video Of Baby Israel Trying To Crawl [Video]

The Duggar family has another member of the family to keep up with now that Israel Dillard is on the move. Jill Dillard recently shared a video to the Dillard Family Blog that showed baby Israel attempting to crawl. The little guy can be seen on all fours as he pushes himself forward.

The Dillard Family Blog recently posted a few updates on the Dillard family in the form of photos and a video. The Dillards shared a new video titled “Crawling Baby” that featured 6-month-old Israel Dillard attempting to crawl. The adorable video shows the Duggar grandbaby pushing himself up onto all fours before propelling himself forward with his legs. Though the little guy isn’t quite crawling with ease, he is making strides towards becoming mobile. Therefore, it seems that the Dillard family will be chasing Israel around Central America in the very near future as he continues to meet his first year milestones.

In addition to the crawling video, the Dillards also shared a series of photos of their time back in the United States. The photos included a number of the Duggar family members with baby Israel. Here are a few of the Dillard Family photos shared with fans on their blog.

Israel and Jana
Israel Dillard

The Dillards are planning to head back to Central America shortly to return to the mission field. However, they have not yet released the exact date that they will be heading back into the field. Instead, they are spending their time with both Jill and Derick’s families and even had a “farewell” party with financial contributors for the Dillard Family Ministry.

Though the Dillards are heading back to Central America, it is unclear exactly where in the region they will be staying. Before returning to the United States, the young couple had spent time working with S.O.S. Ministries in El Salvador. However, they have not yet revealed if they will be continuing work with S.O.S. Ministries or if they will begin working on their own project, Dillard Family Ministries.

The couple setup a nonprofit organization, Dillard Family Ministries, after announcing to fans their plans for “long-term” mission work. However, they did not outline exactly how funds secured for the project would be spent. Therefore, many fans of the family became upset after watching the family spend just two months in Central America before returning back to the United States to visit with family, attend weddings, and take care of other family matters.

As a result, the Dillard Family blog has stopped promoting the donation section of the website and seems to be keeping the focus on the family, such as their recent updates. Though information about Dillard Family Ministries is still available on the website, it is no longer a focal point of the page. Instead, the Dillards seem to be using the website to provide updates on Israel, their travels and, of course, to share bible verses and stories.

What do you think about the Dillards latest updates? When do you think they will be heading back to Central America? Will they be working with S.O.S. Ministries or will we finally see Dillard Family Ministries branch out on their own? Let us know you thoughts in the comments.

[Image Credit: Youtube/ Duggar Family]