Paris Jackson Suicide, Secret Marriage, And Split-Up With Boyfriend Reported By Rumor Mills Concurrently

Paris Jackson’s suicide, a secret marriage with her boyfriend, and their split-up are being disseminated by rumor mills, capitalizing on the Jackson name. The validity of these claims will be dealt with one-by-one in this article and their sources examined.

According to Radar Online dated October 12, 2015, a number of stressors appear to be driving Paris Jackson, 17, to the same state of mind that made her attempt suicide in 2013.

Firstly, Paris has not seen her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, 56, in more than a year after they’d grown closer during the healing phase following Jackson’s much-publicized suicide try. Secondly, the Paris Jackson 2013 suicide attempt was not her first, making her prone to a relapse. Thirdly, a psychologist studying a video clip showing Paris “acting crazy” with boyfriend Chester Castellaw, 18, pronounced it “definitely not healthy.”

The video shows Jackson grabbing Castellaw by the face and singing the following line, with no hint of her past suicide attempt.

“This is my baby, if you flirt with him, touch him, talk to him, think about him, or even look at him, I will slit your throat!”

An online follower suggested that Paris Jackson who’d given everyone the impression that she was back on track, seems on the verge of a meltdown toward old thoughts of suicide.

Mediamass attributed reports to a daily newspaper dated October 13, 2015, suggesting that Paris Jackson, rather than being a suicide candidate, “secretly got hitched” to Chester Castellaw. The newspaper allegedly spotted Paris wearing a new wedding ring on her finger, fuelling speculation that the pair due to announce their engagement, jumped the gun and got married instead.

The rumor mill planted the added detail that Jackson and her beau “exchanged vows in an intimate morning ceremony at a secret location, before few close friends and family members.”

In the middle of the article was a subtle disclaimer indicating that Mediamass contained satire and the story was “obviously not true.” The comments section contained irate reactions from online readers to the trickery.

According to Radar Online, Paris Jackson is planning on getting married to Chester Castellaw when she turns 18 in the spring, and the move is causing concern among her followers. The rationale is that if she tries to pressure Chester into tying the knot with her, his reaction would be to dump her, and then “all hell will break loose.”

A split-up would be as terrifying to fans as a suicide. Again, the story is pure speculation.

What is closer to hard reality is that Paris and Chester are serious about making commitments to each other and planning for the future together. According to International Business Times, Chester is in love with Paris and has demonstrated his desire to marry her by giving her a promise ring.

Following a stint at a speciality boarding school in Utah, Paris returned to her family home near Los Angeles in March, completing a circle. After her dad’s death in 2009, she and her brothers Michael, 18, and Blanket, 13 lived with mostly their grandmother Katherine Jackson and older cousin T.J. Jackson, about the time she grappled with thoughts of suicide.

On her IMDb online bio sketch, the late Michael Jackson‘s 17-year-old daughter shares this reminiscence of her father.

“Now I see other kids and their parents and I compare them to my dad. Our dad was a really normal father when he was with us. We would get grounded if we did something bad, but he wouldn’t call it grounding. He’d just say ‘you’re on punishment.’ Sometimes we’d be on punishment a lot. Mostly me and Blanket because we’d always fight.”

What Paris Jackson has gone through is a toughening experience, allowing her to step over thoughts of suicide and march toward the future with new confidence.

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