Celia Cruz: Telemundo’s Hot, New TV Series Recalls Life Of Cuban Salsa Legend Tonight, Starring Jeimy Osorio And Aymee Nuviola

Celia Cruz, the international salsa sensation, will have her story told in a sizzling new TV series on Telemundo‘s Celia: La Serie (The Series). Telemundo is a Spanish-language channel that is committed to bringing its Hispanic/Latino viewers the best in Latin news and entertainment. Celia: La Serie (The Series) will chronicle and reenact salsa singer Celia Cruz’ rise to fame and the trials and tribulations that she has endured since her move from Cuba to the United States. Sadly, Celia Cruz, known for her hit songs “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” and “Guantanamera,” died in 2003. The role of Celia Cruz will be played by two actresses: Aymee Nuviola as adult Celia, and Jeimy Osorio as the younger Celia, according to Billboard.


In the trailer for the upcoming Celia telenovela, we see a young and vibrant Celia Cruz as she shimmies across the dance floor, allowing her body to gyrate to the beat of the music. In the background, we hear the profound voice of a man who says that her music is unholy street music that isn’t fit for decent people. That negative attitude was one of many obstacles that Celia Cruz had to face growing up in Cuba. Despite the overall dislike by the status quo, Celia Cruz was determined and destined to challenge them by bursting onto the scene with her own distinct look and sound.

Back when Celia Cruz decided to enter the popular salsa scene, it was dominated by white male Cubans. Many were quite nasty to Celia by making references to her black skin, and by telling her that they don’t talk to “negros.” However, that never stopped Celia Cruz from pursuing her dream of becoming the “Queen of Salsa.” People loved her music, even in the early days. Her fresh sound, the color of her beautiful brown skin, the movement of her hips against the mesmerizing Congo drums, along with her distinct voice, absolutely captivated audiences and made her exotic within her own community.

celia-cruz-Jeimy Osorio

Celia is a moving, dramatic, and sensually evocative retelling of Cruz’ life. Step back in time and watch the magic that set her apart from all the rest. Celia: La Serie airs tonight at 8/7 central on Telemundo. The Inquisitr has reported on several other Hispanic/Latino news stories, such as Cuban actor William Levy and Cristina Saralegui.

[Photo Credit: Celia / Facebook]